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Death Stranding
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There’s a comprehensive walkthrough for every major objective (Sam’s Orders) in the Death Stranding Guide, maps that indicate the best path to pursue, and comprehensive instructions for side missions, boss encounters, and puzzles. But it has a ton more in it! The goal of this tutorial is to answer all of the unanswered issues about Death Stranding in the game. Below, you’ll find a wealth of helpful tools, including interactive maps, unlocking guides, responses to your most common queries, and much more.

Social Strand System

Here’s an example of how this gaming concept functions: throughout your journey, you come across a mountain path that would typically be challenging to cross. However, a player who came before you constructed a ladder to cross the same path, so assisting you on your travels. You might choose to “like” a fellow player’s building to express gratitude and acknowledgment for it having benefited you. Similarly, a ladder or bridge you constructed along the way can aid a different player in their travels, and they can “like” and identify your buildings in return.

The “Social Strand System” was created to allow players to progressively interact with one another through their activities, altering the gameplay experience and fostering more meaningful relationships. 

DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR’S CUT, the ultimate DEATH STRANDING experience, comes with a ton of extra missions, buildings, weapons, cars, and other stuff.

Beginner’s Guide

Our mini-guide is a useful tool for players, sometimes known as “porters,” who are new to DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR’S CUT. It includes instructions on how to move around the map, deal with cargo, make routes, and communicate with other players.

Managing Your Cargo 

You may improve delivery efficiency by organizing and managing your inventory. If you load too much luggage for Sam to carry, his stamina will run out and his movement will be hindered. Using the Cufflinks, navigate to “CARGO” to manage and adjust your cargo load.  

Monitor Cargo Weight and Balance: Examine the cargo weight display color at the bottom of the “CARGO MANAGEMENT” screen to make sure you aren’t transporting more freight than Sam can manage. Should the light turn yellow, Sam’s movement will be adversely affected by the heavier weight of your items, resulting in some strain. If the light becomes red, which indicates that Sam’s cargo load is more than what is allowed, it will severely limit his movement.

Cargo Optimization: It is optimal to position your load such that it is as close to Sam’s center of gravity, or central, as feasible. Nevertheless, keep in mind that some products, like pizza, can sustain damage if stacked vertically, so be cautious about the kind of cargo you’re transporting as well. Certain cargo does come with certain guidelines.  

Watch Out for Cargo Deterioration: There are several ways in which cargo container cases can sustain damage and deterioration. “Timefall” is a type of precipitation (snow, rain, etc.) that seems to age objects it comes into touch with more quickly than time itself. Cargo can sustain harm from falls from great heights as well. Regardless, it’s a good idea to always have a can of “Container Repair Spray” on hand in case your cargo cases sustain unforeseen damage.

Planning Your Route

To be ready for what lies ahead in the perilous realm of DEATH STRANDING, you must go over your map and the specifics of the delivery order. The gameplay of DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR’S CUT revolves around path planning and figuring out the easiest and quickest way to move across difficult terrain. The best way to organize your trip is to get proficient with using your navigation system as soon as possible.

Using Your Map: When you initially view the map, make sure to tilt it so you can see the terrain where you are going. This will enable you to assess the steepness of the terrain, which will assist you in selecting your next move. Sometimes it’s faster to stay on flatter ground and avoid steep terrain than it is to climb mountains with varying elevations. To help you plan your delivery route, you can connect multiple marks on the map by drawing lines between them. Guide markings will also show up on the field while you play to help you remain on course. on your map.

Encountering Rugged Terrain: In the world of DEATH STRANDING, dangers might be present even in seemingly beautiful locations. Planning is usually beneficial; think about utilizing ziplines to assist you glide across the skyline, ladders to ascend cliff edges, and ropes to bridge rough descents. However, unforeseen problems can arise from time to time, and sometimes the right tool isn’t available for the task. Now and again it can be helpful to look around and see what other players have left behind. These items help you overcome obstacles and might also be your ticket to some amazing views.

New Facilities

Expanding upon the original, DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR’S CUT adds new features like a racetrack and firing range. 

Firing Range: On the firing range, you can hone your firearms talents by taking part in various workouts against foes such as BTs and MULEs. You can also participate in ranked workouts where you can compete against players worldwide for the best time score. To enter this location, fill out [Order No.14] in Capital Knot City [K2] or [Order No.77] in the K2 West Distribution Center. After that, any safe house or delivery terminal connected to a distribution center will allow you to access the “Firing Range”.

Racetrack: On the racetrack, you can use a variety of vehicles, like trikes, trucks, and even a brand-new roadster, to time attack other players. To access the racetracks, you must first go to Episode 3 and link the Qpid to the “Junk Shop” that Sam visits. After you deliver [Order No. 35] to the K4 South Distribution Center, Thomas Sutherland should send you an email about the “racetrack.” Once you have complied with his request, go to the racetrack terminal, which is located south of Time fall Farm, and give him these items:  

Chiral Crystals: 650 

Metal: 2240 

Ceramic: 1960 

You will be able to enter the racecourse after delivering the materials to the terminal. You can become addicted to the smooth ride once you get behind the wheel.

New Weapons, Equipment, and More

Maser Gun: The maser gun is a new weapon that first appears in the game. It stuns enemies with electricity, even MULE warriors. After completing [Order No.77], which you will obtain in the K2 West Distribution Center, you can obtain this weapon. To practice using it, do the maser gun drills at the “firing range”. 

Support Skeleton: “Support skeletons” are new pieces of gear that make early-game delivery easier. They not only make moving large objects easier, but they also have a turbo function that accelerates travel and lets you deliver products faster. It is important to monitor your battery charge meter because the turbo option does use down battery power. The support skeleton can be constructed utilizing the terminal at the K2 West Distribution Center once [Order No.77] is completed.

Buddy Bot: Support bots like the buddy bot are made to transport goods. It can be configured to follow you and help you carry items, or it can be told to deliver things on its own. The buddy bot can be a very practical way to transport a lot of freight and deliver you to the closest facility automatically if you need a break.

But keep in mind that you can only use the buddy bot in the service region of the Chiral Network. Additionally, if a friend bot is used to place a delivery order, the maximum product rating you can receive is limited to an “A” grade. The buddy bot can be accessed after clearing [Order No. 83], which is made available concurrently with [Order No. 41], which can be obtained at the K4 South Distribution Center. 

Jump Ramp: The jump ramp is a new construction that launches you quickly and far using chiral crystal energy. The chiral crystal energy also reduces the shock of landing after a jump.  In addition to helping you get over barriers that stand in the way of delivering your goods, a jump ramp can let you execute some incredible tricks while you’re in the air, depending on how much airtime you get!  

Chiral Bridge: With the help of the chiral bridge, you may cross narrow spaces and locations where a traditional bridge that requires a base cannot be built. The chiral bridge has a unique ID installed to prevent MULE soldiers and other enemies from entering. But be careful; the chiral bridge will become unusable if “Timefall” (rain or snow) makes touch with it. 

Cargo Catapult: Long-range freight catapults are structures that let you launch objects far away.  With this, you could move your stuff to a safe place instead of trying to make your way through hazardous scenarios, such as the top of a mountain or a huge crevasse, while toting a bag full of stuff. This new structure gives you more options and opens up new channels for the efficient and safe transportation of your freight.   You can construct the cargo catapult at the distribution terminal by equipping and building a portable chiral constructor, or PCC [Lv.2], after completing Episode 5 of the main plot. 

Fast Travel

Fragile Jump: Would you like to go a little bit faster into the world of DEATH STRANDING? You can swiftly go to well-known locations inside the Chiral Network, such as safe houses, buildings, and centers, by using the Fragile Jump.  Go to Episode 3, find Fragile’s umbrella in your personal space, and choose “Fragile Jump” to activate this feature. Following that, a list of websites will be distributed.


We have introduced additional opportunities for you to play and interact with other players in DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR’S CUT.

Leaderboard Rankings: There are now other methods to compete with other players, such as ranking order requests, boss rematches, lap times on the racetrack, and firing range workouts. Regular updates are made to the challenges; your ranking determines the rewards you can earn.

Strand Contracts, Now More Convenient: Once you’ve unlocked the “Bridge Links” option, the Cufflinks menu offers an additional option to build strand contracts. Using strand contracts, which allow you to communicate with other players and increase the possibility that their constructions will appear in your world, has several benefits.  To make it easier to join people to your preferred contract network, a “Friend” option has been added to the strand contract area.


We hope that this article will assist you in re-establishing your connection to the DEATH STRANDING universe by introducing some helpful hints and some of the new features included in DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR’S CUT. Some people still find it challenging to genuinely hold hands with pals in the real world. We think that by uniting our thoughts through this effort, we may all contribute to at least a small positive change in the world.

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