Palworld Patch Notes Xbox: Unveiled For Second Xbox Update

Palworld patch notes Xbox
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Palworld update don’t seem to be slowing down at all!? The game is set to get another update in the shape of after the update that was released a few days ago on Xbox consoles. This time, “fixing various game crashes” is the main priority.

This is significant because Xbox users have recently been reporting quite a few crashes. Other bug fixes have been made, and the team is still addressing the Xbox versions-specific problem of failing auto-saves.

I’m hoping that this can be resolved quickly. In this article, we’ll tell you about Palworld Patch Notes Xbox in detail and their new updates.

Palworld Patch Notes Xbox New Update

Xbox players can now play Palworld with the most recent update that was just made available to PC users. Although Palworld is easily accessible on PC and Xbox, the two versions are not yet equal.

Updates for the hugely popular open-world survival game also lack parity, with some features missing from the Xbox version of Palworld that are present in the PC version.

Xbox users had to wait until February 28 to get the most recent Palworld update, while PC users could download it on February 26. Although the lack of dedicated servers for Palworld may disappoint some Xbox fans, the latest update does include several other fixes and indicates that a significant fix is coming soon as part of an upcoming update.

Palworld Update for Xbox is currently available for download. Although there is a note specifically for Xbox users to be aware of, the patch notes for the Xbox version of the update are the same as those for the PC release.

The game’s developer Pocketpair stated that it is working on a fix for the Xbox versions of the game’s auto-save bug and hopes to release a new version of the patch notes at the bottom of the Palworld update.

It turns out that this most recent Palworld update is among the more contentious ones to be released for the game to date. Palworld breeding is no longer possible for players to breed undesirable features out of Pals thanks to the update.

The developers pledged to undo the change because of the overwhelmingly negative response from fans to this modification. Fans will have to wait for specific timing to know when they can anticipate the rollback of Palworld breeding to return to its original state.

While some Palworld players took issue with some of the changes in the most recent update, others are glad to see developer Pocketpair keeping up a steady patch release schedule for the game.

One of 2024’s biggest surprises has been Palworld, and it will be interesting to watch how it develops over the coming months. Fans have a lot to cheer about because there are still a lot of significant Palworld features to be added.

Palworld Patch Notes Xbox Base Issues

  • Greatly loosened construction codes about stairs and triangle roofs.
  • Resolved a problem where base Pals would become trapped atop a log site, etc.
  • Modified base Pals’ default work priority (manual labor will be given priority by Anubis).
  • Extra precautions to avoid the problem where base pals would get lost and become trapped at the base area’s boundary
  • Resolved a problem where friends at the base would get stuck when they tried to start transportation tasks repeatedly, causing the light bulb icon to keep appearing.
  • Resolved a problem wherein, on a dedicated server restart, work Pals would become stuck in the summoning space of Palbox.
  • Resolved a problem where sound would play endlessly when base friends employed specific active abilities.

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