10 Most Valuable Courses to Study at Hillsdale College in 2024

Hillsdale College, nestled in the charming town of Hillsdale, Michigan, has garnered a reputation for its exceptional academic offerings and commitment to a classical liberal arts education. This translates into a curriculum that emphasizes a broad range of subjects, fostering well-rounded graduates prepared for success in a multitude of fields.

But with so many captivating courses to choose from, how do you decide which ones will be the most valuable for your academic and professional aspirations?

This article delves into 10 of the most valuable courses offered at Hillsdale College in 2024. We’ll explore a diverse range of disciplines, highlighting the unique strengths and benefits each course offers.

Whether you’re drawn to the humanities, the social sciences, the natural sciences, or pre-professional programs, Hillsdale College has a course waiting to ignite your intellectual curiosity and propel you toward achieving your goals.

10 Most Valuable Courses of the Hillsdale College

1. Classical Studies

The Classical Studies program at Hillsdale College is foundational to its liberal arts education. This course delves deeply into the languages, literature, history, and philosophy of ancient Greece and Rome, fostering a profound understanding of Western civilization’s roots.

  • Core Curriculum:
    • Latin and Greek Language Studies: Intensive courses in classical languages to enable reading of primary texts in their original form.
    • Ancient History and Philosophy: Exploration of key historical events and philosophical ideas that shaped the classical world.
    • Classical Literature: In-depth study of epic poetry, drama, and prose from authors such as Homer, Virgil, and Sophocles.
  • Career Prospects:
    • Academia and Research: Graduates often pursue advanced degrees and careers in teaching and scholarly research.
    • Cultural and Heritage Organizations: Opportunities in museums, cultural preservation, and historical consultancy.

2. Political Economy

Hillsdale’s Political Economy program integrates economics, political science, and philosophy, providing a comprehensive understanding of the economic and political systems that shape societies.

  • Core Curriculum:
    • Microeconomics and Macroeconomics: Fundamental economic principles and their applications in policy-making.
    • Political Theory: Examination of political ideologies, governance structures, and their philosophical underpinnings.
    • Economic History: Study of the evolution of economic systems and their impact on global development.
  • Career Prospects:
    • Public Policy and Government: Roles in policy analysis, legislative assistance, and public administration.
    • Financial Sector: Careers in banking, investment, and economic consultancy.

3. Constitutional Studies

The Constitutional Studies program is a hallmark of Hillsdale College, emphasizing the principles and history of the United States Constitution. This program is ideal for students interested in law, politics, and public service.

  • Core Curriculum:
    • American Constitutional History: Detailed study of the historical context and development of the U.S. Constitution.
    • Constitutional Law: Examination of landmark Supreme Court cases and constitutional interpretation.
    • Political Philosophy: Analysis of the philosophical foundations of American constitutionalism.
  • Career Prospects:
    • Law and Legal Services: Preparation for law school and careers in legal practice.
    • Public Service and Advocacy: Roles in government, think tanks, and non-profit organizations.

4. Great Books

The Great Books program at Hillsdale College involves an intensive study of the seminal works of Western literature, philosophy, and science. This program fosters critical thinking, analytical skills, and a deep appreciation for the intellectual heritage of the West.

  • Core Curriculum:
    • Literature and Philosophy: Close reading and discussion of works by authors such as Plato, Aristotle, Shakespeare, and Dante.
    • Scientific Writings: Study of foundational texts in the history of science by figures like Newton, Darwin, and Einstein.
    • Historical Context: Exploration of the historical and cultural contexts in which these great books were written.
  • Career Prospects:
    • Education: Teaching roles in literature, history, and philosophy at various educational levels.
    • Writing and Journalism: Careers in writing, editing, and journalism that require strong analytical and communication skills.

5. Economics

Hillsdale’s Economics program provides a rigorous education in economic theory, quantitative methods, and applied economics. This program is designed to prepare students for careers in business, finance, and public policy.

  • Core Curriculum:
    • Microeconomic and Macroeconomic Theory: Comprehensive study of economic behavior at individual and aggregate levels.
    • Quantitative Methods: Training in statistical and econometric techniques for economic analysis.
    • Applied Economics: Examination of economic issues in public policy, international trade, and financial markets.
  • Career Prospects:
    • Financial Analysis: Roles in financial planning, investment analysis, and economic forecasting.
    • Public Policy and Research: Positions in governmental agencies, research institutions, and think tanks.

6. History

The History program at Hillsdale College offers a broad and deep exploration of human history, with a focus on understanding the cultural, social, and political developments that have shaped the world.

  • Core Curriculum:
    • Ancient and Medieval History: Study of early civilizations and their lasting impacts.
    • Modern European and American History: Examination of major events and movements from the Renaissance to the present.
    • Historiography: Analysis of historical methods and interpretations.
  • Career Prospects:
    • Education and Academia: Teaching and research positions at various educational institutions.
    • Museums and Archives: Roles in historical preservation, curation, and archival management.

7. English

The English program at Hillsdale College emphasizes the study of English literature and language, fostering a deep appreciation for literary expression and critical analysis.

  • Core Curriculum:
    • British and American Literature: Comprehensive study of literary traditions and major authors.
    • Creative Writing: Opportunities to develop writing skills in fiction, poetry, and non-fiction.
    • Literary Theory and Criticism: Examination of various theoretical approaches to literature.
  • Career Prospects:
    • Publishing and Editing: Careers in book publishing, editing, and literary criticism.
    • Writing and Communications: Roles in writing, public relations, and media.

8. Philosophy

Hillsdale’s Philosophy program encourages students to engage with fundamental questions about existence, knowledge, ethics, and human nature. This program is ideal for those interested in deep intellectual inquiry and rigorous argumentation.

  • Core Curriculum:
    • Ancient and Modern Philosophy: Study of key philosophical works from antiquity to the contemporary period.
    • Ethics and Political Philosophy: Exploration of moral theories and political ideologies.
    • Logic and Critical Thinking: Training in formal logic and critical analysis.
  • Career Prospects:
    • Academia and Research: Advanced studies and teaching positions in philosophy and related fields.
    • Ethics and Policy Consulting: Roles in ethics boards, policy development, and advisory positions.

9. Psychology

The Psychology program at Hillsdale College provides a comprehensive education in the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. This program prepares students for careers in mental health, research, and applied psychology.

  • Core Curriculum:
    • Developmental and Clinical Psychology: Study of psychological development and mental health disorders.
    • Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology: Examination of cognitive processes and behavior patterns.
    • Research Methods: Training in experimental design, data analysis, and psychological assessment.
  • Career Prospects:
    • Mental Health Services: Roles in counseling, therapy, and clinical psychology.
    • Research and Academia: Positions in psychological research and higher education.

10. Politics

The Politics program at Hillsdale College offers a rigorous education in political theory, American politics, and international relations. This program is designed for students interested in understanding and engaging with political systems and ideas.

  • Core Curriculum:
    • Political Theory: Study of classical and contemporary political philosophy.
    • American Government: Examination of the structure and function of the U.S. government.
    • International Relations: Analysis of global political dynamics and foreign policy.
  • Career Prospects:
    • Government and Public Service: Roles in legislative offices, public administration, and diplomacy.
    • Political Consulting and Advocacy: Positions in political campaigns, advocacy organizations, and think tanks.


Hillsdale College offers a unique and enriching educational experience through its diverse and rigorous academic programs. Each course highlighted in this article provides students with the knowledge, skills, and intellectual foundation necessary to excel in their chosen fields.

By choosing Hillsdale College, students embark on a journey of intellectual growth, character development, and preparation for meaningful careers and contributions to society.

Whether you are passionate about classical studies, political economy, constitutional studies, or any of the other exceptional programs offered, Hillsdale College stands ready to support and guide you toward achieving your academic and professional goals.

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