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The Warriors
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The Warriors game is based on the 1979 film of the same name (which in turn, is based on the 1965 novel of the same name), and features large-scale brawling in 3D environments, interspersed with other activities, such as chase sequences. The console versions of the game were developed by Rockstar Toronto, while the PSP port was developed by Rockstar Leeds. The game was released on the PlayStation 3 on May 28, 2013, in the U.S. and May 29, 2013, in Europe via the PlayStation Network, and July 5, 2016, on the PlayStation 4 via PlayStation Network.

The story follows a street gang, the Warriors, and how they had been accused of a murder they didn’t commit, and must return to their home turf in one night, though the game begins three months prior to the film’s events. Due to the game containing strong violence, language, sexual themes, etc., the game was released with a “Mature” rating. Several actors from the film itself reprised their roles to perform the voices of their original characters. Upon its release, The Warriors received positive critical response.


From inside, you can exercise (10 ranks of physical fitness, consisting of sit-ups, press-ups, chin-ups, and heavy bag, that increase your stamina), talk to fellow gang members, play through Rumble Mode and other bonus material, walk outside to Coney Island for extra missions, or begin the next level of the story proper. The game sees the Warriors fight their way through the ranks, building a heavy rep and getting their colors out in force until they get the invite to meet all of the gangs of New York City, which is where the movie (and the last few missions of the game) begins.

Combat in The Warriors occurs in real-time and involves pressing buttons to initiate attacks by the on-screen character. By pausing the game, the player can find combat techniques ― 2-3 combos, wall smash, grab-and-throws, charges, body cross attacks, snap attacks, weapon attacks, and counter-attacks. In story mode, the player can also look at the stats of their current Warrior. In addition, players can choose to mug people, receive money, flash, and spray. The character has a bar below their feet to determine their health level, reducing whenever the character takes damage, although it can be replenished by using Flash, which is a fictional painkiller. When grabbing or mounting an opponent, your bar will drain. In a rage, you will become temporarily invincible (except to trains), using finishing moves and inflicting serious damage on the opponent. If the player’s allies are knocked out, the player can use Flash to replenish their health. If the player is knocked out, the allies will attempt to revive and defend the player, provided flash is carried.

Character Development

In Coney Island, the player has the option of choosing to assist others. As compensation for their assistance, the Warriors will acquire new skills such as enhanced flash usage and capacity, stronger punches and kicks with steel-toe boots, the ability to uncuff and arrest anyone with handcuffs from fallen officers, the ability to release handcuffed Warriors with cuff keys rather than breaking them, and the ability to break free from handcuffs yourself. Completing these ancillary tasks enhances the game percentage as well. To gain more stamina, the player can also decide to have the Warriors members work out in the headquarters.


The main character is Cleon, who leads the Warriors for the first two-thirds of the game until just after the encounter. It was Cleon’s responsibility to improve the Warriors’ standing and drive the Destroyers out of Coney Island. Swan, who serves as the game’s second-in-command and covers the movie itself, is the main protagonist. Swan’s responsibility during his leadership was to return the Warriors to Coney Island. The main enemy is Luther, the leader of the Rogues, who killed Cyrus and accused the Warriors of the crime.

Gang members may act as scouts, showing up on radar screens as orange dots in various locations. The player has the option to either attack or stealthily kill the scout when they are noticed by a gang member. The scout will then call for backup and the orange circle will appear on their radar. In certain levels, policemen will appear as blue dots on the radar; if the player commits a crime, the blue dots will circle up the radar, flash, and the crime will appear in the center of the screen, prompting the officers to pursue and try to handcuff you. If no one is looking, the player can also attack the officers or sneak into a hidden area.

Dealers of flash, spray, and knives will support the Warriors in their endeavors. Even if some sellers have a tendency to scam you and flee, the player can track them down and get their money back. The dealers will, however, either retaliate or flee if the player decides to fight them, however, they will respawn. Playable characters in “Rumble Mode” can also represent other gangs that you’ve unlocked in the game, pitting them against other gangs in a match of your choosing. With the exception of a few, almost every character in the game may be played in Rumble Mode.


The Warriors are a street gang in Coney Island, and the game’s storyline is based on that of the movie The Warriors. A gathering is being planned by Cyrus, the head of the Gramercy Riffs, to bring the gangs together as one. The murder infuriates the gathered gangs, and after the killer frames the Warriors, the Riffs viciously beat Cleon. Infuriated by the death of their president, the gangs resolve to exterminate the Warriors from the city permanently. The Orphans are a low-class, insecure gang that has a grudge against the Warriors for damaging Sully’s car after the Warriors lied on the radio about beating them up. The Orphans force the gang to continue on foot after the train is stopped by a fire on the tracks on their way to Coney Island.

At the intersection of Broadway and 96th Street in Manhattan, Swan and the Warriors arrive, only to be discovered by the police and forced to escape. While Fox and Mercy are running away together, a police officer leaps out from behind a pillar and throws Fox to the ground. When the policeman throws Fox in front of an approaching train, he gets killed. On the streets of Riverside, where the Baseball Furies reside, Swan, Ajax, Snow, and Cowboy manage to escape the station. Eight armed Baseball Furies members pursue the four Warriors into Riverside Park. He approaches her in a sexually aggressive manner, but she turns out to be a female undercover police officer, and he is taken into custody. Meanwhile, the Lizzies, an all-female gang, are luring Rembrandt, Vermin, and Cochise to Union Square. Swan reunites with Mercy at the 96th Street Station after returning. Knowing they are being followed by the Punks as they arrive in Union Square, the two team up with the other Warriors and vanquish the Punks.

When the Warriors eventually return home in the early morning, the Rogues are waiting for them and choose to confront them. In the movie, Luther draws his revolver and prepares to murder the Warriors, but Swan disarms him by hurling his knife at his arm. When Swan wins a fight against Luther in the game, Luther becomes enraged and draws his revolver. You can disarm him and drain his health by throwing a knife at him when his health is sufficiently low. After confronting the Rogues—who had now come forward to admit they were Cyrus’ murderers—the Riffs finally make peace with the Warriors. After letting the Warriors go home, the Riffs turned against Luther and his Rogues and defeated them senseless, possibly killing them. The Warriors stroll along the shore, at last safe and at home.

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