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Street Fighter 6 Release Date
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The new Street Fighter generation is almost here, with a focus on single-player elements to ensure there’s enough content for every fighter level. Casual players found little to keep them busy, while most high-level players were happy that Street Fighter 5 featured content outside of the multiplayer mode. One of the main complaints about the game at launch was this. Capcom has taken its time developing Street Fighter 6 to avoid repeating past mistakes. As a customized fighter, players can explore Metro City with an all-new single-player story option. Well, In this blog we are going to know the Street Fighter 6 Release Date, its showcase, cast, and more.

Street Fighter 6 Release Date

June 2, 2023, was the Street Fighter 6 Release Date for the PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. The Street Fighter 6 Release Date was revealed at the 2022 Game Awards. Street Fighter 6 is not supported by Xbox Game Pass.

Street Fighter 6 System Requirements

The Street Fighter 6 system requirements were leaked by Capcom well in advance of the game’s release, and they appear to be as demanding as they are reasonable for older PC configurations.

Street Fighter 6 Showcase

Capcom staged a YouTube-hosted Street Fighter 6 Showcase on April 20. The event revealed the Street Fighter 6 DLC plans, gave players a closer look at World Tour mode, and showed off a gameplay demonstration featuring Ryu and Luke.

Street Fighter 6 Cast

In case you missed it, at TGS 2022, Capcom revealed the whole cast of Street Fighter 6. Check out our Street Fighter 6 roster guide to find out who has been officially confirmed.

Street Fighter 6 World Tour Mode

The Street Fighter 6 entrance trailer first surfaced in early June, including a range of Metro City locations, like Abigail’s Scrap Yard, the underground metro system, and a fighter-filled neighborhood gym. In the World Tour mode, players can explore Metro City much like they would in an open-world game.

To start their trip, players enroll in a basic training course at Buckler Security with your coach, Luke. It is also known that by adding different outfits from the Battle Hub, users may customize the hooded figure that is shown quite prominently in the teaser.

The first trailer’s World Tour part ends with the main character seemingly fighting with an unknown person, which changes the viewpoint to a conventional battle view. Because they lack any common characteristics of a genuine character, the stranger likewise seems to be a created character. According to Capcom, the World Tour mode will transcend genre classifications, which may indicate that side-scrolling beat ’em-up action is coming to the Street Fighter series for the first time.

Additionally, Street Fighter 6 is the first game to advance the plot in more than 20 years because it takes place after Street Fighter 3: Third Strike, as confirmed by the Capcom Twitter account. Take a look at our Street Fighter 6 preview to find out more about this solo experience.

Street Fighter 6 Battle Hub

The primary location for gameplay and communication in Street Fighter 6 is the Battle Hub. To engage in combat with a friend, locate a Street Fighter 6 arcade machine in the Battle Hub and indicate your seat to your companion.

Inside the Battle Hub is the “Game Center,” which features arcade cabinets featuring vintage Capcom titles like Street Fighter Alpha 2 and Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo. These arcade games seem to be more than just Street Fighter oldies, even though it’s unclear how many Capcom titles will be available for play. Final Fight appears to be one of the games available in the Game Center in Metro City. According to a new Street Fighter 6 promo, Street Fighter 2 will be playable at the Game Center.

There’s also the “Event Counter,” a dedicated area for competitive play. There were also glimpses of the Body Shop, which appears to be an in-game store where players can buy clothing for their avatars.

Street Fighter 6 Modern Control Type

The Modern Control Type, a first for the mainline series, simplifies Street Fighter gameplay by removing the need to memorize combos and special moves. In the contemporary control system, a special maneuver is performed by pushing only one button, eliminating the need to touch numerous buttons.

Players can execute all four special moves—Ryu, for instance—by pressing a single button and providing a direction. Super Arts works the same way, but you have to push two buttons at once. In terms of combinations, players can choose from four aided combos that are activated by pressing and holding a modifier.

Nevertheless, this control technique has some shortcomings. Players will not be able to use all of their tools if a character uses the modern control type, and it is still unknown how this system works with charge characters.

Street Fighter 6 Drive System

The Drive System in Street Fighter 6 revives and unites components from previous Street Fighter games into one gauge. Each fighter’s Drive Gauge begins each round with six Drive Stocks.

In Street Fighter 6, players can employ the Drive System to access five different techniques:

  • Drive Impact
  • Drive Parry
  • Drive Reversal
  • Drive Rush
  • Overdrive Arts

Drive Impact: Deliver a powerful blow that can deflect an opponent’s incoming blow. Drive Impact on your opponent while they are surrounded will still cause them to splat against a wall even if they block the attack. For Drive Impact, one Drive Stock is required.

Drive Parry: A portion of your Drive Gauge will refill after you successfully block an opponent’s assault. If you time your drive parry to generate a slowing effect that will allow you to score a punishing combo, you can accomplish a Perfect Parry and force your opponent’s strike to miss. Drive Parry continuously drains your Drive Gauge; this stage takes different amounts of time to complete.

Drive Reversal: Drive Reversals can be used to launch a counterattack that pushes back the opponent and deals light damage while preventing an opponent’s strike. It takes two Drive Stocks to reverse a drive.

Drive Rush: Launch yourself forward after a cancelable normal attack or Drive Parry to create deadly combinations. Drive Rush from a Drive Parry needs one Drive Stock; however, it needs three Drive Stocks when used from a standard attack.

Overdrive Arts: Overdrive Arts is comparable to the EX Special Moves feature found in the first several Street Fighter games. You can execute a more potent version of a special move by pressing two buttons of the same kind instead of just one. Every Overdrive Art piece costs two Drive Stocks.

That covers all the essentials of Street Fighter 6, but you can still find out which characters are the best by using our Street Fighter 6 tier list. If you’re looking for more amazing games to play and learn something new, have a look at our list of upcoming titles. We also provide a ranking of the best multiplayer games in case you’re searching for something to sate your competitive streak.


Street Fighter 6 is a significant evolution of the well-known franchise. June 2, 2023, was the Street Fighter 6 Release Date for the PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 with a primary emphasis on a better solitary experience. The creative World Tour mode pushes the boundaries of the genre by including an open-world exploration element. The main hub for gameplay, replete with the Game Center and Event Counter, is the Battle Hub, which combines competitive play with classic games. The drive mechanism and current control type ensure thrilling and strategic games with their efficient methods. Street Fighter 6 is poised to transform the fighting game genre with its inventive gameplay and nostalgic vibe.

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