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Spec Ops The Line
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The Spec Ops The Line! The third-person shooter game takes place in Dubai, a desert metropolis. During your mission to evacuate survivors in Dubai, you will be in charge of two other soldiers in addition to yourself. The “FUBAR” difficulty, which you must complete in order to obtain the full 1000, is extremely challenging for even the most seasoned shooting experts. The game is challenging even in its harshest setting. To access “FUBAR,” however, you must first play on the “Suicide Mission” difficulty level. In comparison to most shooters, the game is actually quite short, but you will probably die long enough for each chapter to appear longer than it is. In any case, the game boasts an amazing storyline and is a lot of fun.

The Gameplay

Yager’s designers adopted the ludonarraT.I’ve dissonance that is typical of other shooters in order to achieve this. The player-controlled elements of a video game‘s plot are referred to as the “Ludonarrative” in game design. It stands in contrast to the set narrative, which is the one plot that the game’s developers established and that players experience through the non-interactive components. A game experiences ludonarrative dissonance when the plot and gameplay are at odds. You take on the role of an immigrant in Grand Theft Auto IV, who is purportedly attempting to start over and get away from his questionable background. On the other hand, there is a lot of shooting, explosions, and dying throughout the gameplay. It’s not a good thing when the player is mentally removed from the in-game world due to the contradiction between the character they are intended to be and the activities the game urges them to perform.

The Story And Design

Spec Ops The Line caught me at this point, even if I didn’t understand why at the time I was playing it for the first time. Yes, I did refer to it as my “first play-through” of a game whose gameplay I thought lacked since, as soon as I finished it, I couldn’t wait to play it again and relive the story.

Just to be clear, I’m going to give away some big story details and some huge spoilers for this game at this point. I would advise you to put Spec Ops The Line down right away and play it instead of reading any further since I think the tale is worth experiencing. This way, you won’t waste any of the game’s greatest parts.


Stage 1: Welcome to Dubai, Gentlemen

Yager Entertainment created the third-person shooter Spec Ops The Line, which 2K Games released. The courageous Captain Martin Walker, along with an Elite Delta Force Team, faces the post-catastrophe aftermath of Dubai in this reimagining of the Spec Ops series. Soon after, what starts out as the standard, everyday military shooter that the genre frequently produces transforms into something completely different from it. As Walker and his men explore the fallen metropolis, get ready for what they discover. It will be difficult to get the platinum since the trophies need gathering all 23 intelligence pieces and beating the mode that lives up to its name, FUBAR hard. This should be harder than the typical shooter platinum.

Stage 2: The Devil’s Disciple

Starting on Suicide Mission is advised rather than the two easier difficulties since it is the only one that can be used to unlock FUBAR. There are other awards included in the trophy list, but you don’t need to focus on them just yet because you still have the second playthrough to complete and Chapter Select to use as a clean-up if you happen to miss any. Not to mention Chapter Select, you can’t miss any of these prizes.

Notably, there are numerous occasions throughout the game after the midway mark where you must make a crucial decision. There are two trophies throughout the game for each option you choose, with the exception of the one in Chapter 3. It may make a section much harder if you choose not to make certain decisions during this playthrough and save them for your subsequent game.

You should also think about whether you wish to search for the 23 intelligence objects that are strewn about Dubai throughout your initial playthrough. It’s optional to get these from here. You can either play the game and save these for FUBAR, or you can get them now and eliminate them as an extra problem in your FUBAR playing.

Stage 3: MFWIC

Restart the campaign once you’ve completed and relished the Suicide Mission difficulty mode, experienced one of the endings for the first time, and are prepared to return to the game for one more Hellish adventure. It will be evident that FUBAR is now unlocked. Begin your campaign with that level of difficulty and get ready.

Here is where Dubai, the hazardous post-catastrophic city, is at its most vicious. The problematic hard option merely amplifies the damage dealt by your opponents and lessens your own, but it is a major exaggeration of all the things that may have made Suicide Mission a pain. It can be quite frustrating for others to get through this. In addition to being persistent, it is recommended that you carefully read the general and gameplay guidelines included beneath the Gold MFWIC trophy.

Whatever choices you made in your first playthrough, choose the opposite choice in that situation to see both versions of the decision and unlock their respective trophies. While three of the choices (the first one doesn’t have a trophy tied to it) bypass an unnecessary gunfight, the second one in Chapter 7 has a choice that results in, otherwise, one of the hardest firefights you’ll come to in the game. Here are each of the options, in case you want to see what the alternate choice for each decision is:

A Man of Action”Play it loose.”Chapter 7A Man of Patience”Play it smart.”
Damned if You Do”Follow your orders.”Chapter 9Damned if You Don’t”Buck the chain of command.”
Friendly Fire “Show mercy.”Chapter 11Unfriendly Fire”Save a bullet.”
A Line, Crossed”Choose vengeance.”Chapter 13A Line, Held”Choose restraint.”
A Farewell To Arms”You are relieved.”Chapter 15Too Late The Hero”Carry on, soldier.”
The Road Back”Live and let live.”Epilogue(Too Late The Hero)The Road To Glory “Live and let die.”

Stage 4: The Road Back

All of the main obstacles for the platinum trophy have been cleared now that you have FUBAR and the intelligence items under control. It’s time for you to return and get the trophies you missed if you still have any. Use the Chapter Select function to go back and play to the desired place in the chapter if you need to go back to a particular chapter.


The Spec Ops The Line is fairly simple and won’t take too long for 1000 players. On the other hand, I found the FUBAR mode to be among the hardest “hard” playthroughs I have ever done, and it will definitely be ranked up there with Call of Duty 4. But if you followed the instructions below and this roadmap, you ought to have 1000 by now! Congratulations on your well-earned victory and on finishing a really tough game!

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