Skate 4 Release Date: Roll into the Future of Gaming Excitement!

Skate 4 Release Date
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This is the first Skate series release to be published on its own following Skate 3 in 2010. Skate 4 is not yet ready, even though we have seen a lot of it. Since the last Skate game was released more than ten years ago, we can wait a little bit longer. Skate 3’s production team departed following the game’s release in 2010, and ever since, fans of the franchise have been asking endless questions on EA message forums regarding the series and its possible revival. Here is what we currently know about Skate 4’s development process, which the team has been fairly transparent about recently. Well, in this blog we are going to know the Skate 4 Release Date, its gameplay, & lot more.

Skate 4 Release Date & Platforms

EA hasn’t provided a timeline or an official Skate 4 Release Date. The official blog states that while playtesting on PCs was completed, playtesting on consoles would follow shortly. In August 2021, Electronic Arts declared that Skate would be accessible on both Mac and Microsoft Windows. After Skate revised its FAQ section, that was altered. Skate 4 is scheduled for release on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and mobile devices, according to the blog. Skate 4 is now in alpha testing; thus, it will likely launch in 2024.

Skate 4 Gameplay

In addition, there are numerous off-board traversals. Players are seen leaping, climbing, jogging, and even utilizing grind rails as balancing beams. Anticipate the return of the Hall of Meat, as the physics engine permits some heavy ragdolls. Additionally, multiplayer seems to be available, albeit with larger lobby numbers; in the image above, nine players are visible. The clip below has some more polished bits if you’re searching for glimpses of what the finished product will look like:

The new Skate game will feature cooperative building areas where cooperative players may come together to start flinging different items together before trying to skate it. Skate has always featured excellent level modification tools.

Skate 4 Features

The brand-new San Vansterdam city layout will host the free-to-play Skate 4 game. Additionally, the developers stated that there would be no paywalls, treasure boxes, or Pay-2-Win gameplay in the maps. They desired all players to be able to enjoy the game, irrespective of cost or platform. The good news is that Skate 4 will support many platforms and play modes, allowing users to collaborate and play with friends on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation devices. It’s evident from the most recent alpha test footage released by EA that the company is now more concerned with gameplay than with the map or environment elements.

Beyond skating, Skate 4 offers a tonne of other activities. Before participating in multiplayer activities, players can alter their appearance by choosing to purchase skins and cosmetics from the app. They will also be able to perform the following new flips and feats, according to EA:



Boned ollies 

Variable speed flip tricks

Held flip tricks

It will also allow you to mix and match two or more tricks. “Being able to powerslide into a slappy and lean out,” for instance. The ability to speedily climb a wall while using a skateboard—known as “flumping”—will also be added to the game.

Skate 4 Setting

While the Skate series has taken us to many skating metropolises, Skate 4 takes place in San Vansterdam, a brand-new locale. Cuz Parry describes it as San Vanelona, the location of the first two games,’ sister city. It was confirmed in a previous Board Room session that Skate 4 will feature an ongoing tale for the player and the city of San Vansterdam. Even while it’s still early in the development of the area, The Board Room episode 4 has allowed us to view more of San Vansterdam than before. The entire episode’s worth of footage was shot inside the San Vansterdam construct as it stands. We now know that San Vansterdam has reached a new height of verticality, that skaters may “flump” up walls to reach higher levels, and that there’s an amazing amount of the world to discover—you might even be able to locate a hidden treasure before everyone else.

Skate 4 Activities

During a recent YouTube Board Room broadcast, the Skate 4 development team provided details about new activities in San Vansterdam. There will always be new things to explore as activities alter and evolve. Activities are inclusive of all players, regardless of skill level, and are also intended to assist the community. Challenges are among the current projects in development and testing; if players have ever played a skate game, they will be familiar with these types of activities.

Pop-ups are lively, non-extremist activities that happen all around the city and are meant to bring people together. As an illustration, set a group goal of reaching a score of 50,000 and try to draw participants to a specific section of the game. This allows players to set up a light-hearted, competitive game anywhere they think of a cool location. The last category of activities that are being developed allows for “pretty crazy” things to occur: community events. The intention of the development team is for players to perceive these as carnival games.


The much anticipated Skate 4 offers exhilarating new opportunities for both experts and beginners after a ten-year break. Even though the Skate 4 Release Date is still undetermined, the openness of the development team provides insight into the game’s evolution. With its entirely revamped gameplay, Skate 4 features off-board traversals, multiplayer possibilities, and the beloved Hall of Meat. San Vansterdam, the new city setting, provides additional verticality and a bustling environment for exploring. Skate 4 elevates the skating genre to new heights by providing a diverse array of tasks and challenges that engross players in a vibrant atmosphere of creativity and community engagement.

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