Sea Of Thieves: Navigating The High Seas With Tips On Combat

Sea Of Thieves
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the Sea of Thieves is a pirate-filled sea with barely discernible gameplay principles made by the same developers as Battletoads, Donkey Kong 64, and Banjo Kazooie. PvE and PvP combat are combined in Sea of Thieves to create an exciting open-world high seas experience that’s full of exciting capers, skeleton murdering, and treasure hunting. However, before you embark, there are a few things to consider.

Start with the Tutorial Mission

Maiden Voyage is an instructional task that Sea of Thieves included for newly enrolled pirates. It is hard to exaggerate how helpful this tutorial is: It’s a secure area free of roving PvP players that helps new players become more familiar with the real world while teaching them how to navigate their spacecraft. Additionally, there’s a chance to win some exclusive clothing! We strongly advise you to not skip this mode because learning all the controls for different activities in Thieves can be a little scary at first.

Work the Sails If You Aren’t Doing Anything

Assigning roles at the outset of a journey helps to ensure that everyone knows where they belong on the ship, but in actuality, the majority of Sea of Thieves is spent dashing around and taking care of whatever comes your way. Working the sails is one task that each member of the crew must perform with diligence. You continually have to strike a balance between speed and maneuverability, especially on a big ship. Managing your sails becomes critical in a combat scenario as you try to dodge fire while trying to shoot at your adversaries. Make sure to inspect the sails and coordinate with your crew to work them if you find yourself idle at any time.

Always Post a Lookout

It’s essential to know the whereabouts of other ships to survive at sea. In conclusion, sailing is advantageous since ships approach you gradually, allowing you ample opportunity to react if you see other individuals getting closer. When you leave your ship to pursue an objective, it’s a good idea to leave a lookout if you can. If you don’t, there’s a possibility that you may be ambushed when people are in the sea or off the ship, and that could lead to your death, pillage, or sinking.

Choose Your Weapons Carefully

The pistol is a fairly powerful and precise mid-range weapon; the blunderbuss is a deadly close-quarters shotgun; and the “eye of reach” sniper rifle has a significantly longer range. For example, blunderbusses may effectively stop borders with a single close-range shot, and the eye of reach can be useful in taking out gunners on a nearby ship. With just one shot, the pistol can drop skeletons, preventing you from being encircled. Try out every weapon to see what suits you and what the circumstance requires.

Roast Meals on Board to Save Time and Eat Well

Each ship has a small below-deck oven and pan roaster. Any meal you encounter while traveling can be roasted in this fashion, which works especially well for meats that are potentially nauseating if consumed raw. Snakes, grubs, fish, sharks, chickens, and pigs are among the options. While you’re back on your ship, it’s a good idea to throw some meat on the grill to make it safe to eat and allow it to recover additional health. But, you must also keep an eye on what you’re roasting to determine when it’s done (based on color) and remove it from the grill before it burns.

Before You Leave the Ship, Dispose of Your Wood and Cannonballs

Your ship is armed with planks for repairs, bananas for health, and cannonballs for combat every time you start a new round. Develop the habit of checking the barrels you find on each island for more resources. You can only carry so much on your person (five planks, five bananas, and ten cannonballs) therefore it’s best to empty your pockets and store whatever you have. If you remember to get rid of everything before you leave, you will rapidly amass a vast amount of resources.

Cast Your Sword into the Water to Gain a Quick Acceleration Boost

Sword thrusting is a useful minor technique to learn in Sea of Thieves. It can be an excellent way to reduce swim time if you have to return to your ship quickly. The move can eliminate several regular-level skeletons with a single blow. If you execute that maneuver off the side of a ship or pier, however, you will be launched skyward and accelerate through the water at an insanely fast pace. It’s also really enjoyable and can be a great way of reducing swim time.

Start Tall Tales Only When You Have Some Spare Time

Tall Tales are longer Thieves missions that contribute to the world’s narrative and send a crew on an expedition to investigate a well-known legend of some sort. A Tall Tale requires numerous steps and several journeys to complete, making it far lengthier than any other quest in Sea of Thieves. Wait to begin a Tall Tale until you have a staff that is willing and able to dedicate some time to it.

Remember That Some Chests Need Babysitting

While discovering a one-of-a-kind treasure box is an incredible experience, not all treasure chests are created equal in terms of risk. There is a class of “cursed” chests that have various negative consequences while on your ship. Rage chests have the power to spontaneously catch fire and destroy the ship. Later editions might include more cursed chests. Verify the name of any unusual chest you come across, and be ready to handle any issues it might cause you when you get on board your ship.

Use Gunpowder Barrels to Surprise Your Pursuers

You can drop them off the back of your ship to set off mines that, if hit by an enemy ship, will cause massive damage. In an opposing hold, use a barrel as a bomb, and if you can stay hidden long enough to carry out the operation, you will virtually destroy them in one hit. If you can hide in the enemy hold, you can also blow them up in a single hit. Remember that opponent players and skeletons can be carrying their gunpowder barrels! 

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