Rise Of The Ronin Release Date Gets Unveiled

Rise Of The Ronin Release Date
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The gaming community has always enjoyed Japanese folklore because of titles such as Ghost of Tsushima. Now that  Team Ninja has unveiled the Rise Of The Ronin Release Date. After being first revealed last year, Team Ninja has now revealed the Rise of the Ronin release date. Not too far away, in fact. So let’s talk about all you need to know before Rise of the Ronin hits stores.

Rise of the Ronin Release Date

Rise Of The Ronin Release Date is 5 on March 22, 2024, for the PlayStation. As with Death Stranding 2, there is no indication of a release date for any other PC or platform. It is anticipated to be exclusive to the PlayStation 5 for the foreseeable future.

Since Sony Interactive Entertainment published Rise of the Ronin, a Nintendo Switch or Xbox One release seems doubtful. Moreover, it has been officially confirmed that Rise of the Ronin will not be available on the PlayStation 4.

If other Team Ninja games—like Nioh and Nioh 2—that were once only available on PlayStation systems are any indication, the game might eventually make its way to Windows PCs. This could be the case as second-party games such as Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Final Fantasy 16 have been released on PC following a period of exclusivity.

Rise of the Ronin Pricing and Platforms

Now that the Rise of the Ronin release date has been confirmed, let’s talk about the game’s price and the platforms it will be accessible on. You don’t need to worry about breaking the bank because the basic version of the game will just cost $69.99. This is slightly more for the $79.99 Deluxe version of the game.

The extra goods that come with the deluxe version should be considered by gamers when choosing which version to purchase. These consist of the Japanese Formal Wear set, the Bando Warrior Armour Set, the Toyokuni Paired Swords, and the Staff of the Iga Ninja. Since each of these will be a limited edition item available just during the game’s release, their value will undoubtedly increase over time. Later on, spending the extra ten bucks for the deluxe version can turn out to be a wise purchase.

As for platforms, Rise of the Ronin is exclusive to the PlayStation 5, so you can only play it on that device. There won’t be a version for any other console or platform. If you don’t already have one and are anxiously anticipating Rise of the Ronin’s release date, we have some awful news for you.

Everything We Know About Rise of the Ronin Gameplay

Gaming will be our last topic of discussion today. As previously stated, we have no idea how this game is played, but we will explain what we have learned from the official gameplay trailer.

You start as a Ronin in late Edo-era Japan at the end of the 1800s. Japan had just experienced the fall of the Tokugawa Shogunate, and progress had stopped. There is widespread injustice and oppression in the streets of every Japanese hamlet. At this moment, you embark on a perilous mission as the main character to bring the deceased of your community to justice.

The third-person single-player role-playing game gives you a variety of weapon options, suitable for that age, from swords and spears to firearms and ranged weapons, perfectly capturing the essence of the samurai experience. The plot thickens as the game goes on, as you uncover more and more secrets from your background. To finish the game, you’ll need to overcome every challenge, including facing off against formidable foes and making new alliances.


Without a doubt, Rise of the Ronin will become a popular game, especially among role-players. Excitement for the samurai-style fighting game Rise of the Ronin has resurfaced now that Team Ninja has formally revealed the Rise Of The Ronin Release Date. This is all the information we currently know, but as the Rise Of The Ronin Release Date draws near, we can expect to see more and more trailers revealing additional details.

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