Master Resident Evil 4: Tips & Tricks for Ultimate Survival

Resident Evil 4
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Resident Evil 4 is an excellent recreation of a classic game. That was the conclusion reached in our comprehensive review of Resident Evil 4 Remake, where GamesRadar+ praised Capcom for their efforts in bringing back the essence of the 2005 original while also giving it incredibly beautiful graphics and an amazing atmosphere. “Resident Evil 4 Remake is full of action and variety that’s as exhilarating now as it ever was,” as we state in the review, making it well worth your time and attention.

The Resident Evil 4 Remake was launched on March 24, 2023, and is now available. The Xbox Series X, PS5, and PS4 can all play the game. Regretfully, Capcom has not yet stated whether Resident Evil 4 will be released on the Nintendo Switch or Xbox One.

Resident Evil 4 Tips And Tricks

Below, we’ve listed some tips and tricks for Resident Evil 4 so you can say no thanks, bro, to a difficult playthrough:

Don’t forget to parry – When you’re low on health, parrying can literally save your life, especially on more difficult difficulties. However, it depletes the durability of your knife, so always carry an extra. And…

Repair your knife and armor – The Merchant can fix the main knife and armor once you obtain it. The cost is justified because you can often avoid dying by doing both of these things. Even better, the Merchant offers durability upgrades to extend the knife’s lifespan.

Shoot crows – Make sure to shoot a crow when you see one, as they are known to drop random items. You can only shoot one crow at a time in the same area because the sound of your shots will cause the other crows to scatter unless you can somehow plant a grenade between a group of crows.

Combine treasures – Unless you are in extreme need of money right away, never sell gems by themselves. They can be socketed into larger treasures to increase the money multiplier and sell price of the treasure.

Buy treasure maps – You can purchase treasure maps for the village, castle, and island areas, each costing one Spinel (currency found in random loot or through requests). These maps allow you to mark valuables.

Sell weapons you don’t use, and don’t worry about wasted upgrades – If you find a better weapon later on, you can sell your old upgraded weapon for almost all the money you put into it back. Resident Evil 4 remake has very generous sell and buy-back prices for weapons and upgrades. So, don’t be concerned that upgrading will be a waste of money.

Use Flash Grenades on parasite enemies –Throwing a Flash Grenade at an enemy’s head will swiftly eliminate any large parasite that has emerged from it. To avoid wasting Flash Grenades, try grouping any parasite foes that are present in large numbers.

Make sure a downed enemy is really dead – Some enemies evolve into faster, more aggressive monsters, or you have to kill them with the knife prompt.

Use stealth to save ammo – If there aren’t many enemies around, you can try crouching and moving stealthily behind them to kill them with a single knife strike rather than wasting ammunition. However, you can’t use stealth against every enemy you encounter.

Some mini-bosses are skippable – If you would prefer not to use up your health points or ammunition, you can flee from some formidable opponents, such as the chainsaw men. But remember, some have to die in order to obtain essential objects that advance the plot.

Aim for the face – Focusing on an enemy’s face not only increases damage but also frequently stuns them if you choose to run past them or gives you the option to kick them down using the ‘Melee’ prompt. Leon’s kick also affects anyone nearby who is caught in its path.

Use yellow herbs – When you drink this herb-infused cocktail, combine your red and green herbs with some special yellow herbs for maximum health benefits.

Remember to Change your Charms and Attached Cases for Different Situations – If a charm isn’t benefiting you, it doesn’t serve any purpose in being on your Attache Case. Remove Merchant benefits unless you’re at the Merchant and use bonuses for producing specific types of ammunition instead, or exchange them for a healing bonus when ingesting specific item categories that are already in your inventory. You might also discover that switching around your attached case makes it more likely for a specific item to fall.

Use traps to your advantage – Instead of always having to destroy lasers, you may actually hide beneath them and watch as adversaries chase you through them, exploding. Bear traps can also be used to catch enemies, stunning them for a brief while so you can move past them or attacking them while they’re motionless.

Use the map to see if you’ve left anything behind – Your map will display any resources or treasures you may have missed if you ran past an item and forgot to pick it up.

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