10 Amazing Red Dead Redemption 2 Tips For Cowboy Success

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Whether this is your first time playing Red Dead Redemption 2, some advice never hurts. While seasoned players can still learn new strategies after all these years, newcomers to Rockstar’s expansive Western classic may require assistance getting settled into its massive universe. One of the greatest RPGs ever made, Red Dead Redemption 2 is a masterpiece with a vast open world full of intricate systems and techniques to learn. The primary Red Dead Redemption plot is one thing, but as completionists will attest, that is only the beginning. These helpful Red Dead Redemption 2-pointers will help you make a name for yourself before you step out in Arthur Morgan’s shoes.

Use Dead Eye For Hunting

When aiming for smaller games, such as squirrels and foxes, Morgan’s slow-motion shooting abilities come in particularly useful. Dead Eye will also draw attention to an animal’s vitals; if you’re using the correct caliber of ammunition, a shot to the heart or neck will typically result in an instantaneous, clean kill. For extra guidance, see our hunting recommendations for Red Dead Redemption 2.

Turn On ‘Toggle to Run’

By choosing this option from the main controls menu, you may eliminate the need to continuously hold down the A/X button and save yourself some work by simply having to hit it once. It’s exhausting enough to sprint in Red Dead, especially when Arthur is frequently carrying a dead body on his back. Check out our guide to the best Red Dead Redemption 2 settings for more tips and tricks to help you improve your game.

Issue Simple Commands To Your Horse

If you hold down the left trigger while your pony friend is in close proximity, you can make Morgan’s faithful mount follow, remain, or run.

Unlock Secret Moves By Bonding With Your Steed

You can unlock new skills for your mount the closer you get to it. Your horse will rear in the traditional Wild West manner at level two bonding if you hold down RB/R1 and tap X/Square. When you press RB/R1 and A/X while moving, the hairy companion can execute a maneuver that is similar to a horsey handbrake turn at level three. while you hold down B/Square mid-gallop when you reach the maximum level four bond, your horse will strafe from side to side. This is a useful maneuver to use while riding through dense woodland and need to swiftly steer around clusters of trees.

Know Your HUD Options

For a more immersive experience, you can choose to turn off your radar and any other on-screen displays by holding down the D-pad and choosing “radar off.” You can temporarily bring your radar back up in this HUD-free mode by quickly tapping down on the D-pad. On the other hand, by choosing “expand,” you can also enlarge the radar, which is helpful for identifying opponent icons during tense shootouts. This will show you the overall direction you should be riding in order to reach your destination.

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Learn To Play Poker At Camp

While you’re still picking up the basics of poker, learn how to play cards back at Dutch’s camp to avoid losing your hard-earned money. Before you hit the high roller tables around the world, playing here is helpful for teaching the fundamentals of poker. The maximum stake when playing with your gang buddies is a pitiful dollar; all you can lose in these games is a few cents. Fortunately, the help area of the pause menu also contains a comprehensive explanation of poker rules.

Feeling Lazy? Use Cinematic Mode

To ensure that your horse ride gets to your destination without requiring any interaction from you, set a waypoint and select cinematic mode. However, we strongly advise not leaving your console. In case Arthur is attacked by rival gangs or bounty hunters during the voyage, you will be quickly forced to exit cinematic mode and take up self-defense.

Take A Wild West Selfie

You can take stunning virtual photos of your surroundings with Arthur’s camera by selecting it from the objects wheel. These photos may then be posted to Rockstar’s Social Club. Thankfully, any images you post will also have helpful hashtags from the locations where they were taken, such as #SaintDenis or #Valentine, to identify the location. Arthur’s camera can even be used for a retro selfie. How incredibly progressive this outlaw is.

Keep Your Cores Topped Up

No, that doesn’t mean going to the gym, but it does mean ensuring sure Arthur Morgan gets enough food, water, and smoke. Make sure you’re opening that satchel on a regular basis to provide him with food, drink, and other consumables he needs to keep his cores topped up. To maintain the best possible health for your horses, make sure you hitch them whenever you can to give them a good rest, brush them to restore some of their energy, and feed them sugar lumps and other treats.

Carry Plenty Of Tobacco 

A cigarette, a cigar, or even raw Indian tobacco eaten will replenish your Dead Eye meter. This is the core that will exhaust the fastest because you will probably be taking down a lot of guys slowly. To keep your Dead Eye core topped off, camps can also produce snake oil. However, be careful not to overindulge in raw tobacco products. Plants have a 24-hour time limit on how many you can eat before they lose their impact. They will return to their full strength if you can resist the temptation to overindulge in Indian tobacco for a day.

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