NieR Automata: Essential Tips for Conquering Android Battles

NieR Automata
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Whichever version of the NieR Automata you’re playing, these Nier Automata tips will come in handy. Whether it’s the 2017 release of the original PS4 and PC version, the 2018 Xbox version of Become as Gods, or the 2019 YoRHa Edition Game of the Year. Regardless of the NieR Automata version you’re playing, the objective remains the same: guide a group of androids over desolate deserts, shuttered industries, and eerie theme parks in order to improve Earth for people. The killer robots will try to murder you if the surrounding environment isn’t.

There is a ton of combat, much better than in the last game, with parrying, counterattacks, evasive movements, heavy but sluggish attacks, and fast but light attacks. You can use a variety of weapons, such as bracers, spears, and long and short swords, to execute combination attacks. RPG components include experience, stats (attack, defense, and health), and a variety of extras (referred to as Chips) such as the capacity to view the stats of your opponents and enhance your own status, among other things.

1. If You Can Make It to the First Save Point, You’ll Be OK

The beginning of the NieR Automata can be the most difficult part. After learning the basics of melee combat, fighting your first boss, going up against waves of weaker enemies, and facing a multi-phase boss that can only be defeated by employing a variety of fighting styles and listening to specific cues, you’re thrown into a series of aerial fights. All of this occurs before the NieR Automata’s initial access point, so you’ll have to replay the first forty minutes of material if you die. Additionally, you’ll soon get access to stores where you can alter your combat technique and purchase far more essential healing goods than the amount you are given at the beginning of the NieR Automata.

2. Basic Functions and Power-Ups Are a Trade-Off

Every chip, including those that indicate your mission goals on a map and provide combat-related information like as your current health, damage dealt, and when your cooldowns are about to expire, takes up a specific amount of room. More room is needed for more powerful chips that boost your critical hit probability or allow you to heal when you attack, therefore you should invest most of your gold in building up your capacity. Utilize the many possibilities the NieR Automata offers for saved chip configurations to your advantage by starting with an exploration set that prioritizes map tools and move speed, then switching to a fighting-focused build when you come into conflict.

3. Play Like You’re Color Blind

Your Android’s graphics turn monochromatic with some pixelation in the corners when its health is low, signaling that its systems are malfunctioning. It’s a nice effect that heightens the suspense and makes you seem urgent to pop a healing item. Sadly, it also disables a crucial visual cue, namely the red lights around machines poised to launch ranged weapons at you. That can quickly make a bad situation much worse, so you should either learn to recognize the enemy’s power-up animation for their lasers or get a chip that automatically heals your character so you can dodge the assault and take time to heal.

4. Make a Shopping List

Anytime you visit the Intel part of the menu, you can read stories about your weapons; however, in order to find out what materials you’ll need to upgrade them, you must be in the correct shop. That applies to making your highly significant Pod companion robot better as well. Make a note of what you require so that you won’t have to go back and get it when you come across someone selling materials. Planning out your upcoming upgrades will also help you avoid worrying about having to sell any of your inventory for quick money.

5. Be Ready for Bullet Hell

You begin the NieR Automata as a robot using a sword to deflect enemy fire, but you also get to spend some time in the air. Another way your android engages in machine-to-machine hacking conflicts is through a mini-game called Bullet Hell. That makes for a rather abrupt change in pace when you’re using your sword to battle a robotic opera diva and her army of enslaved androids one moment, and then you have to shoot down a particular orb to rejoin the fight. Since injuries sustained in the hacking NieR Automata will transfer to your Android devices, you’ll want to become proficient at it.

6. Loot Corpses, Especially Your Own

While playing Nier: Automata doesn’t require an internet connection, it will make the NieR Automata easier and more enjoyable. Similar to Dark Souls, death is a communal event in Nier: Automata. The NieR Automata is replete with the corpses of fallen players, over whom you can pray to receive a boost and a small amount of gold depending on the plug-in chips they had equipped when they passed away. Similarly, upon passing away, your memories will be uploaded into a new body that emerges from the closest access point (i.e., save point); but, in order to retrieve your personal plug-in chips, you will need to return to your corpse.

7. Stay Aware of Your Surroundings

You may be discouraged from breaking into buildings and trying to scale and bounce over ruins by the annoying invisible walls that afflict Nier: Automata, but you’ll still need to scavenge the environment in order to acquire useful objects, side missions, and even to carry on with the main story. Whether it’s slinking down a ladder into the sewers or jumping around the vehicles of a stopped trip to reach a cliff, use your three-dimensional sense to navigate apparently insurmountable locations and reach your next goal. The ability to double jump allows you to stay in the air for an unexpectedly lengthy period of time during combat, which is especially useful when there are spinning lasers all over the ground.

8. Patience Is A Virtue, Except When It’s Not

Nier: Automata’s boss battles mostly revolve around timing your attacks, in the vein of classic action RPGs. In order to unleash your own heavy strikes, you’ll need to become proficient at both shooting while moving quickly and dodging extremely predictable but destructive hits. The primary goal must be avoided at all costs as bosses have the ability to unleash waves of swiftly attacking monsters that you must destroy rapidly. At that point, it’s wise to modify the settings on your plug-in chip and the strategies used by your partner’s Android device to launch the most forceful attack feasible.

9. Take some time to relax

It’s pleasant to relax and enjoy some of the NieR Automata‘s lighter touches in between fierce battles and thought-provoking discussions about the meaning of life and humanity’s future. Sack up on some animal bait and ride a wild boar or moose while admiring the exquisitely depicted landscape. Take up fishing with your companion robot acting as a bobber who will return strange catches such as pipes that can be used as weapons and machine fish. Not only do all of the NieR Automata’s treasures need to be unlocked, but some of those objects may fetch hefty prices when sold, so make the most of your downtime to accumulate more valuables.

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