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Need for Speed Unbound
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The most recent arcade racer produced by Electronic Arts is called Need for Speed Unbound. The iconic Need for Speed (NFS) series, of which this was the 25th chapter, sought to set itself apart from its predecessors by offering a distinct visual aesthetic and captivating storytelling to a number of racing enthusiasts. The game was released in November 2022 on PC and current-generation consoles, and since then, it has received numerous upgrades. If you are an avid player of NFS and want to obtain every trophy in the game, you’ve come to the correct place. Let us examine each and every trophy in the game.


Need for Speed Unbound’s fundamental controls are as follows:

Accelerate: Right Trigger (RT) / R2

Brake/Reverse: Left Trigger (LT) / L2

Steer: Left Stick

Handbrake: A / X

Nitrous: B / Circle

Look Behind: Right Stick Click (R3) / R3

Change Camera: D-Pad Up

Open Map: D-Pad Left

Open Garage: D-Pad Right

Pause Menu: Start / Options

Depending on your platform, these controls could change slightly (Xbox, PlayStation, or PC). Make sure to look for particular control configurations in the in-game options.

Story Modes In Need for Speed Unbound

You may play Need for Speed Unbound in two different game modes. In the first, known as Story Mode, you take on the role of an inexperienced racer who must overcome obstacles to become the best in a narrative centered around robberies and shattered friendships. You outrun the Lakeshore Police Department in this game mode, earning money by accruing HEAT along the way. Gain heat, win races, and upgrade your vehicle.

In contrast to Story Mode, Lakeshore Online offers a distinct kind of gameplay progression for multi-player games. With a group of four (4) people, you can go throughout Lakeshore City and take part in various races where the weather affects the course of the race and how it should be conducted.

Best Need For Speed Unbound Tips And Tricks

In NFS, ascending to the top requires constant effort and upgrades to both your vehicle and experience. But fear not—these 15-pointers will make the game easier to understand and give you a head start early on. If you are new to the franchise, you may find that there are much too many options and subtleties, leaving you feeling, to put it mildly, overwhelmed.

1. Before attending a meetup event, you can switch cars.

When a meetup event draws near and you’re not sure if your current ride will be sufficient to make the deal, you may quickly select the My Rides section from the option and pick the finest ride out of your options before the meetup. This aids in your prior preparation.

2. The garage is open to entry from all sides.

In Need for Speed Unbound, you can access the garage from any angle as long as you are relatively close to it; you are not limited to entering through the entry alone. When you are in pursuit and on cooldown, it is quite useful.

3. By closely avoiding parked cars, you can replenish your Nos.

Your NOS is filled in Need for Speed Unbound by performing jumps, close misses, and stunts. While the track you are racing on determines the jumps and near misses, close misses are readily accomplished simply by driving through parked automobiles, which are widely scattered throughout Lakeshore City. It is recommended to control your negative emotions because they have the potential to significantly impact the races.

4. You can skip the day by getting busted

While that may not be the greatest life advice, this is one of the game’s hacks. Getting busted helps you skip a day, which allows you to participate in early-game races and events that pay more. Gaining money from these activities should undoubtedly give you a head start.

5. Cars from events can’t be sold, but can be purchased at a very discounted price

The cars that are for sale during an event are priced extremely low, which can help you save a lot of money early in the game. You could eventually utilize the money you save to enhance your vehicle.

6. Leaving the game will not reset your heat or cash

When you exit the game, your money and heat acquired will remain in-game, and you will respawn in a different location within the city. If you’re distant from the city, you can also utilize it to spawn there.

7. Early head-start helps in races

Remember that a little one-second delay at the beginning could have a significant impact on the game’s outcome. Early in the game, getting a head start is crucial, therefore launch timing needs to be well experienced. Keep an eye out for the timer to ensure a flawless launch.

8. Repair your ride for maximum payout

Driving through the repair station while completing the delivery job allows you to fix your car and increase your payment. This would enable you to finish the missions in perfect health, for which you would receive a substantial payment.

9. To shake off your tail, use high ground.

Going to a high-altitude location on the map is the greatest way to get the police to leave you alone. If you go to locations like the top of the dock’s containers or leap the highest ramps and trails, even the fiercest heat will dissipate. This tip is quite helpful at high heat levels.

10. In drift and takeover events, apply your Nos sparingly to keep your combos intact.

In order to maintain a good combo when participating in Drifts and takeover events, be careful to touch your Nos periodically. With this, you may gain an advantage in terms of time and easily finish the races.


These are the last tips and tricks we have for Need for Speed Unbound for now. They make navigation easier and are useful when you first start the game. You’ll be able to outpace everyone not just by running faster than them, but more elegantly as well. Our Need For Speed Unbound Tips & Tricks guide comes to an end here. 

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