High-Stakes Pursuits: Need for Speed Rivals Gameplay Guide

Need for Speed Rivals
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The latest entry in one of the most well-known racing game series, Need for Speed Rivals, centers on the ongoing conflict between road hogs and the authorities who are attempting to capture them. Both sides of the “conflict” deploy quick, potent, and customized sports car models to achieve their objectives. In addition, Need for Speed Rivals provides a vastly open universe with many options for how to pass the time.

Need for Speed Rivals – Walkthrough

Step 1: Choose a side and play through it!

You will be given the option to begin as either Racers or Cops when the game loads. Whichever side you select won’t really matter because each will take around the same amount of time to finish and offer distinct experiences. The SP that cops earn is exclusively used for cop tech, whereas the SP that racers earn is exclusively used for car purchases, upgrades, and tech. Fortunately, there are no collecting trophies of any kind. All that is required is to race and bust; there are no billboards to shatter, no speed traps to avoid, and no jumps to clear.

The following trophies are what Racers should strive for:

  •  10 Heat
  •  Racer Rank 5
  •  Racer Rank 10
  •  Racer Rank 20
  •  Racer Rank 40
  •  Racer Rank 60
  •  Professional Collector

The following trophies are your targets for Cops:

  •  5 Buster
  •  8 Buster
  •  Lance and Rgstrtn pls
  •  Bust 50
  •  Cop Rank 5
  •  Cop Rank 10
  •  Cop Rank 20
  •  Cop Rank 40
  •  Cop Rank 60
  •  Upgrade Master

Step 2: Pick the other side and play through it!

After you’ve finished the game as either Racers or Cops, flip your garage to the other side and begin completing the events there. The format won’t change, but the goals, requirements, improvements, and vehicles will all be completely different.

Step 3: Win as many different competitions as you can

While it’s not necessary to win every event in the game, you should try to gold as many “New” races as you can to get to 100 overall. You will receive this trophy as a result:

Gold Master

Step 4: Cleanup

You can complete several trophies along the way, depending on whatever side you feel most comfortable with. Which ones can be improved more quickly from either side is really up to you.

  • First National
  • Multiplier
  • Bigger Points
  • Deep Down, You Know You Want To
  • 5, 4, 3, 2, Mach 1!

Step 5: Multiplayer

With an additional player, you can swiftly improve the two required online trophies. The hardest part of this will be finding a friend to boost with, adding them to your list of friends, and setting up the session. Regards.

  • Friendly Race
  • Buddy Bust

Look through the boosting discussions here to locate a partner:

  • PS3 Trophy Boosting Thread
  • PS4 Trophy Boosting Thread

Need for Speed Rivals – Gameplay

Need for Speed Rivals only has raced at night; there is no free roam. Tuning is a crucial component of gameplay. ‘Upgrade points’ are required for players to unlock new performance and graphic components. Quick Race and Underground modes are available to players in Underground Rivals. The Underground mode has four different difficulties. Statistics are shown on the Driver Status tab of My Underground.

Need for Speed Rivals – Game Modes

Circuit Race- There are four classes in this mode: Master, Novice, Pro, and Car Spec. Whereas Car Spec only permits required automobiles to compete in specific events, the first three are essentially race events with horsepower limitations.

Drag Race- Players push their cars to their maximum speed in a long straight. Playback of this mode is limited to manual transmissions only.

Drift Attack- On many ground-positioned markers, players must stray. Whoever accumulates the most drift points wins.

Lap Knockout Race- A player will be eliminated if they finish a lap in last place. This continues until just one remains.

Nitrous Run- Players must get from one checkpoint, also known as a gate, to another in order to win the race. Nitrous and time are added by going through a gate.

Street Cross- The racing circuits are small indoor courses with predominantly 90- and 180-degree turns. Street X is the main inspiration for Street Cross.

Rally Relay- Gamers complete two circuit laps. Upon finishing the initial lap, the player is required to switch vehicles.

Need for Speed Rivals – Customization

The benefits of visually modifying your car are nonexistent for players. No star rating or anything like that exists. Only visual parts are available in body kit sets; they are not sold separately. On the windscreen, backlight, and bonnet, players can, however, create custom lettering.

The most significant is the performance tweaks, via which users can alter their handling, top speed, and acceleration. You can enhance any automobile in the game to be extremely competitive, even against the most powerful production cars. Players do not need to use credits to install a single type of performance art in their vehicles after acquiring it.

Need for Speed Rivals – Key Game Features

Cops vs. Racers – Drivers of quick cars designed for fast racing and thrilling pursuits, racers are lone wolves seeking their own glory. Teams of police officers use all available resources to track down and apprehend racers. Access to customizable chase technologies tailored to each side makes intense racing moments even more exhilarating.

Pursuit and Evasion Tech – With access to technologies and modifications tailored to each side of the law, intense racing moments become even more exhilarating. Jammers and electromagnetic pulses are two types of evasion technology available to racers. Police officers are prepared for forceful arrests with tools like roadblocks, air backup, and shockwaves. Regardless of your stance, make use of technology to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

High Stakes Rivalry – With the new scoring system, players can either bank their speed points safely for when they return to a hideout or risk them for bigger multipliers and rewards. Watch the stakes rise as a result of this innovation in racing. Your progress will accelerate with increased risk-taking, but if you are caught by the police, they will deduct your speed points.

AllDrive — You may easily enter a world where your pals are already racing and chasing thanks to this ground-breaking new feature. Gamers may no longer play single-player and multiplayer games separately. Everything is smooth; there are no lines or lobbies.

Your Car, Your Identity — Enhance your vehicle with the newest advancements in chase technology, and make it uniquely yours by adding new paint jobs, liveries, rims, decals, and custom license plates to show off your vehicle to the public. With millions of possible combinations, you can save several setups and have a range of vehicle packages ready to go in any circumstance so you can make an impression.

NFS Network — In addition, you may play Need for Speed Rivals on the web, tablet, or smartphone in Overwatch, a minigame that links to the console and PC game by allowing you to assist or obstruct your friends in earning points toward special paint jobs. Use the real-time map to keep an eye on every other player in your area and see where the police are before a race begins. You can also use it to rapidly determine which hideout is nearest to you or your friend so you may swiftly bank Speed Points.

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