Know How to Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire?

Free Diamonds in Free Fire
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Following the disappearance of the original Free Fire, Garena Free Fire is currently accessible on both the Android and iOS operating systems. Comparing the battle royale game to the original Free Fire, there are a lot of interesting additions and improved gameplay. However, the majority of these products can only be bought with diamonds, the virtual money used in the game. To gain diamonds, players can participate in various activities, or they can just buy them with real money. We’ll talk about Free Fire’s in-game currency in this article, including how to get free diamonds in Free Fire. how to top it off, use it, and more.

Free Fire 100% Bonus Top-up Event

The Free Fire Indian server has launched a brand-new 100% bonus Top-Up event. It begins on February 27 and runs until March 5, 2024.  Additional awards require you to spend the requisite amount of the in-game money. The following criteria apply:

  • Get 100 diamonds for free when you buy 100 diamonds.
  • Get 200 more diamonds when you buy 300 diamonds.
  • 200 diamonds are given away when you buy 500 gems.
  • 500 more diamonds are given when you buy 1000 diamonds.

How to Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire?

Let’s know how to get free diamonds in Free Fire. Well, there are several workarounds you may use to obtain free diamonds in Free Fire even though there isn’t a straightforward way to do so. Furthermore, there are some websites that you can use to make money through:

Using In-Game Events: In-game events are regularly held by Garena Free Fire. By fulfilling various event missions, users have the chance to earn free diamonds during the events. However, it’s vital to remember that taking part in in-game activities will only net you a small number of diamonds.

Using Google Opinion Rewards: For those who don’t know, one of the most well-liked programs on the Google Play Store is Google Opinion Rewards. By taking part in and finishing quick surveys that are provided by the search engine itself, users of the app can earn Play credits. Download this application to earn Google Play credits by doing quick surveys. Diamonds can be bought using in-game currency if you have earned enough credits.

Using Get-Paid-to applications and websites: There are numerous additional get-paid-to programs and websites that function similarly to Google Opinion Rewards in that they let you receive payments for completing surveys. Many businesses, like Swagbucks, PrizeRebel, Easy Prizes, Poll Pay, and others, offer prizes to users who perform tasks like surveys and quizzes. The website also offers cashout choices, which you may employ to obtain cost-free Free Fire diamonds.

Free Fire Diamonds Prices

DenominationOfferOffer Value
₹100 – 299100 Diamonds₹80
₹300 – 999250 Diamonds₹170
₹1,000 – 1,500500 Diamonds₹500
₹1,501 – 50001000 Diamonds₹1400

How To Get Unlimited Free Diamonds In Garena Free Fire?

Diamonds, the equivalent of in-game money in Free Fire, are required to purchase cosmetics that will set your character apart from that of other players and make them more intriguing. But this time, the business is giving customers the opportunity to gain access to Advance Servers’ free diamond giveaway program by reporting bugs. Following these easy steps will allow you to sign up and start receiving free diamonds.

  • Now register yourself using your Facebook ID. You must wait for the program to reopen if all available slots are taken.
  • A Facebook account link must exist between your Free Fire ID and Facebook.
  • Fill up the required details and create your account.
  • Once you are done with the account.
  • You are now required to use your account to report bugs found throughout the game on the website.
  • If your bug report is accepted, you could receive up to 100 gems.
  • Additionally, you can work as a team to generate up to 3000 diamonds.

How To Top Up Diamonds Using In-Game Store?

Using an in-game store, you may simply top off your diamond supply. Here is how to get diamonds in-game or top them up:

  • Launch Free Fire and visit the in-game shop. Players can also tap the diamond icon that is located at the top of the screen.
  • Once finished, a number of top-up options will appear. For in-game diamond purchases, players can choose the quantity.
  • Players will then be prompted to use the Google Play payment mechanism to complete the transaction. On the Google Play payment screen, a debit card or credit card can be added and used to complete the transaction.
  • Players will receive the in-game currency in their account if the payment is successful.

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