Hitman 2 Silent Assassin: Precision, and Stealth Unleashed

Hitman 2 Silent Assassin
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Hitman 2 Silent Assassin necessitates extreme precision in preparation, proficiency with weaponry, and possibly a small amount of luck. You need to know when to attack and when to run. To escape this deadly game of cat and mouse, you must take on the identities of your victims. Never trust someone, and always ask questions. Recall that you have a reputation to uphold and a plethora of adversaries who wish to destroy you before they become targets themselves.

We hope you’ll have no trouble accomplishing your goals, but just in case, here’s a reference guide for you. An overview of the different locations you’ll explore across the globe, a glossary of weaponry and equipment, and a very thorough tutorial are all included.


Hitman 2 Silent Assassin is a third-person action/stealth hybrid game. In the game, 47 has several missions to complete. On the other hand, the player selects how chores are completed, and there are usually several ways to perform them. Despite being a stealth game, it doesn’t always require players to play that way; this emphasizes the series’ sandbox aspect and lets them interact however they see fit.

The disguise system is a major component of the game. Depending on the disguise, 47 can locate disguises or remove them from an incapacitated person to blend in with his surroundings, gain entry to areas that are banned, evade detection by security (until he is too close to them), and use weapons almost freely. There are several strategies for improving your ability to fit in. Throughout the level, switching between several disguises is available.

New Features

  • The compass, binoculars, and fiber wire are now a permanent part of 47’s equipment and do not need to be purchased at the beginning of every operation. The compass is no longer an item; instead, it is a component of the HUD.
  • Ratings are made available. Each mission concludes with a rating for both stealth and violence. A new weapon can be unlocked when achieving the highest grade of Silent Assassin.
  • The map now displays all AI movements in real time, including those of targets, guards, police, VIPs, and citizens. To aid in navigating the map, it additionally displays sites of interest, ICA pickup locations, doors, stairs, and ladders.
  • Anesthetics are a brand-new, non-lethal weapon. It temporarily sedates foes instead of killing them.
  • The golf club is one of the new melee weapons that have been introduced.
  • 47 may render opponents unconscious in close quarters battle by striking them with the butt of his weapon, rendering them helpless but not fatal.
  • 47 can use fiber wire on stairs or in confined spaces to break a target’s neck.
  • 47 can now squat, which gives him the ability to hide behind something low.
  • The reverse sprint of 47 has improved movement fluidity and player friendliness.
  • After every operation, comprehensive data are displayed.
  • The free-look view is replaced with first-person mode.
  • Ballers, a twin version of AMT Hardballers that is handled as a single, is released.
  • It is now possible to look past a door’s lock.
  • It is possible to pick locked doors.
  • In subsequent missions, weapons amassed from earlier ones can be employed instead of the store menu.
  • Diana communicates with 47 to help him finish the mission in the majority of the missions.
  • A bar next to the health meter on the HUD is called the Suspicion Meter, and it shows how much suspicion 47 arouses. There are several strategies for improving your ability to fit in. If 47’s cover is compromised, it could be exposed.

Removed features

Selecting a pistol while holding another one no longer automatically results in dual-wielding. But with the Dual-handgun quirk, it’s still feasible.

Instead of the store menu, players can now use tools and weapons they’ve collected from past missions or the weapon award for the Silent Assassin.

First-person mode takes the role of free-look.

Changed features

Instead of pressing the run button to make 47 run forward as in the previous game, players now need to press the directional buttons to run.


They found that every inmate at Dr. Ort-Meyer’s Romanian cloning lab/mental facility had passed away. A few tapes were found that showed Agent 47 strangling one and using a fiber wire to pull his body to a corner while shooting down other Romanian SWAT troops and an orderly. After watching the footage and concluding that Agent 47 was the murderer, the mystery man decided to recruit him and departed the building.

Luring out of Retirement: Unable to afford that cost, 47, to their surprise, called the ICA (International Contract Agency) and consented to carry out an assassination mission in exchange for information regarding Vittorio’s whereabouts. He learned via the Agency that Guessipi Gulliani, the head of the Sicilian mafia, was holding Vittorio captive in the villa’s basement. 47 murdered Gulliani after breaking into the Villa Borghese, but they were unable to locate Vittorio in the basement chamber.

Visit to St. Petersburg: 47 was in St. Petersburg for a meeting when he promised to repay the Agency for the assignment that involved killing Rinat S. Rumyantsev, a former Russian general in the KGB. Following Makarov’s death, 47 was called in once more, this time to assassinate General Mikhail Bardachenko at his underground bunker and free his interrogated prisoner—who happened to be Agent Smith. Subsequently, 47 was sent to the German Embassy in St. Petersburg, where he was mandated to kill Vladimir Zhupikov, the last meeting general, for having converted to German.

The Hidden Valley: He was given the order to kill Masahiro Hayamoto, a Japanese arms dealer and master criminal. Since no one knew where he was, 47 was compelled to kill his son Masahiro Hayamoto Jr. and implant a tracking device in his body. When his son’s corpse was brought to him, the tracking device eventually helped 47 locate his true target. Disabling the alarm units before approaching the castle required traveling through Masahiro’s heavily guarded stronghold in central Japan, but eventually, 47 was able to take him out and acquire a missile guidance system he possessed.

Controversy & Censorship

A level in the game that depicted Sikhs being killed inside a representation of their holiest place, the Harmandir Sahib, where hundreds of Sikhs were slain in 1984, caused controversy when it was first released. Eventually, the relevant content was deleted from Silent Assassin and a modified version was made accessible on all platforms; yet, the DRM-free version of the game that can be found on has been fully uncensored and patched to version 1.01. Sergei’s bleeped “fuck” in the Terminal Hospitality final cinematic, where he and the Mystery Man contemplate hiring Agent 17 to assassinate 47, is another fairly strange example of censorship.


Among the Hitman games and other 2002 titles, Hitman 2 Silent Assassin most likely had the best reviews. Video Games on Electronic Devices Hitman 2 Silent Assassin’s GameCube version received a 7/8/8.5 rating from Monthly; the first reviewer praised it despite having issues with its artificial intelligence and mission briefings, noting that “each time I circumvented the immeasurable odds and made the crucial killing blow, Hitman 2 Silent Assassin was briefly a blast”; the third reviewer summed it up as “an engaging adventure title that rewards patient players”.

Hitman 2 Silent Assassin for the PlayStation 2 has brought in $39 million and sold 1.1 million copies in the US by July 2006. By July 2006, the total number of Hitman games sold on consoles in the US had surpassed two million copies since their introduction in the 2000s. ELSPA certified the PlayStation 2 version of the game as “Platinum” if at least 300,000 copies were sold in the area.

Hitman 2 Silent Assassin was a finalist for the 2002 “Action Game of the Year” title from Computer Gaming World, which eventually went to Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. The reviewers stated, “Hitman 2 is a huge improvement over the original, and it’s one of the best games of last year in any genre.”


Silent Assassin was the first Hitman series sequel to have a numerical number until HITMANTM 2 was released in 2018.

This was the only Hitman game ever released for the Nintendo GameCube until Hitman 3, which was eventually released on the Nintendo Switch a few years later.

The PlayStation 3 version of the game is limited to Spanish language play.

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