Mastering Grand Theft Auto V: Tips for Early Money-Making

Grand Theft Auto V
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The Grand Theft Auto V online multiplayer option is called GTA Online. You can make your own character in GTA Online and engage in an open-world adventure with up to 30 other players. Here, players are free to explore San Andreas‘ streets as they carry out tasks, unique heists, and other activities. The objective is to grow wealthy, gain notoriety, and take charge of your criminal group.


The Grand Theft Auto V commences in the middle of a bank heist, with the player controlling two of the major characters, Trevor and Michael. This tutorial might help you understand the basic controls and mechanics of (GTA) Grand Theft Auto V. Learn how to aim your weapon, run, shoot, hide behind objects, and switch between characters by navigating the prologue. You won’t get very far if you don’t use the controls in the upper-left corner of the screen.

Switching Between Characters

You will be required to alternate between Michael and Trevor throughout the bank heist to escape the hostage scenario. As you complete quests throughout the game, this will come in handy.

Anytime you want to change a character, all you have to do is hold down the control pad and use the right joystick (for Xbox and PlayStation) or the Alt key on a PC to select a different character.

Missions and Strangers and Freaks Side Missions

On the map, the main missions are denoted by a green F, blue M, or orange T, which stand for Franklin, Michael, and Trevor, respectively. To advance the main story, you will need to finish primary tasks with every character. If there isn’t a mission icon on the map right now, try flipping between characters and looking for their emblem.

While it’s not essential to complete every Strangers and Freaks side task to advance the plot, doing so will grant you gold medals if you aim for a perfect completion rate.

Save at Home

Every character has a home, denoted by a house icon on the map, where you can change your attire and save the game. Go home and get into bed to save.

Additionally, the Settings section has an autosave feature that you may toggle. If you enable autosave, the Grand Theft Auto V will save itself when a mission is finished.

Get Guns from Ammu-Nation

Should you wish to restock firearms and other armaments, these can be acquired from any Ammu-Nation, denoted by a handgun icon on the map. Keep in mind that there won’t be many weapons available when you first start the Grand Theft Auto V. Ammu-Nation will increase the number of weaponry and armor pieces accessible as you advance through the main tale. Additionally, you’ll get an email alert whenever a new item arrives!

You will find numerous free weapons as the game progresses. Additionally, weapons are strewn all across Los Santos, so keep a lookout for them.

Decrease Your Wanted Level

Getting into trouble will make you more desired, which will let the cops know where you are. They will bring in heavier armament and more backup with each demanded level (shown by stars in the upper-right corner).

Make sure your car is fast enough to keep the authorities from pursuing you if your escape strategy involves driving away. To confuse the police, it also makes sense to get a different vehicle if you have committed a crime in an automobile.

It may also be advantageous to escape on foot, depending on where you are in Los Santos. Try hiding down a short sidestreet to lower your desired level if you live in an area with a lot of them, especially where cars can’t go.

Lastly, switching up your attire will also result in a one-star drop in your desired level. To change into new clothes, head to your closet at home or locate the designated clothing store.

Get Familiar with Each Character’s Special Skill

Every character in Grand Theft Auto V possesses a unique set of skills in addition to a shared set. Effective use of skills can lead to their improvement. Increasing the effectiveness of special skills will lengthen their impact.

In a gunfight, Michael’s unique ability lets him slow down time. The only way to use this is on foot.

Franklin has a unique ability that lets him slow down time while driving. As long as his unique ability is in use, he can take turns at full speed. This is limited to being used when operating a car.

Trevor can absorb and deal far more damage because of his special ability, which also increases his strength and protection. The only way to use this is on foot.

Make Money in the Early Game

Everything is ruled by cash, and you’ll need a lot of it to invest in real estate, purchase expensive cars, and cover many medical bills. Here are a few dependable methods for farming money in the early game.

Make stock market investments using your phone’s browser. Even some of your tasks and activities can have an impact on stock prices, and talk radio can provide you with financial suggestions. Naturally, buy low and sell high!

Rob supermarkets, liquor stores, and convenience stores. Enter the business and aim your gun at the cashier to take the register money. There are even many registers in certain businesses, but you’ll have to make your getaway after robbing them.

Take advantage of trucks with armor. You may occasionally pass an armored truck on your way. You can shoot open the back door and remove the cash once you’ve eliminated the drivers.

Finish the heist missions. You will make tons of money from these tale quests. Casing the Jewel Store is the initial theft that is accessible. Finish it and select the Wise path to get the most money!

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