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Grand Theft Auto Online
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Grand Theft Auto Online is the online version of Grand Theft Auto 5, an MMO action game developed by Rockstar Games. In essence, Grand Theft Auto Online can be thought of as the video game version of the American West. In San Andreas, everything is possible, so before you even step foot in the GTA universe, it’s necessary to have a clear idea of what your objective is and what you should accomplish first.

The sooner you outfit your character with guns, vehicles, hideouts, and money, the better since complete chaos might always be on the doorstep. However, as a newbie in Grand Theft Auto Online criminal underworld, how precisely can you make an impression and avoid being a troll or grifter’s easy target?

Do Not Skip The Tutorial

It is very advised that you do not skip the tutorial phase of Grand Theft Auto Online, despite how enticing it may seem. As soon as you create your character, the tutorial starts. After that, you’ll meet Lamar Davis, who will walk you through the gameplay mechanics. You will go through the standard Grand Theft Auto Online activities, including missions, racing, shopping, hijacking, and robbery.

Since the tutorial segment is brief, you won’t even need to spend a lot of time finishing it. You should also complete the tutorial since there is a glitch that some players have noticed that causes missions to not activate correctly. This bug appears to be related to skipping the tutorial.

Get Yourself A Ride

Your first beginning automobiles will be given to you when you begin your Grand Theft Auto Online gameplay. Fortunately, in Grand Theft Auto Online, you start with a reasonably good set of wheels, unlike most other games where your first vehicle is usually just a rust bucket on wheels.

The Annis Elegy RH8 auto dealership will give you a car for free once you come. Because it can do it all, the Elegy is a great starting car. In addition to looking good, it offers good acceleration, speed, and handling. If you intend to play solo missions or find yourself in a PvE scenario, don’t forget to upgrade to the Armored Kuruma as soon as you can, since its improved defense will be crucial.

Hustle And Cash Flow

In Grand Theft Auto Online, as it is in all other GTA games, money is everything. The drawback is that, being an MMO, creating dough will take a lot more grinding than it would in a standard Grand Theft Auto single-player campaign. Although you may purchase Shark Cards to expedite the process, most people are dubious of microtransactions.

You are also extremely impoverished since you are a potential criminal mastermind. Entering the Bikers DLC unlocks the Bikers company, which is one of the finest ways to start making a ton of money early on. Installing the Bikers DLC can lead to a number of profitable startup ventures. You can earn semi-passive revenue from even low- to mid-level jobs, which will accelerate the expansion of your empire tremendously.

Take Every Job On The Table, Big Or Small

You must accept every assignment that is offered in Grand Theft Auto Online, including the little fries that give you minimal coin because beggars cannot pick. You can earn some money for your initial capital while learning the ropes of the Grand Theft Auto Online business system by completing smaller missions like Contacts. Don’t skip Adversary Mode either because it’s entertaining and pays fairly well.

Keep an eye on the daily goals, since completing them might win you both RP and Cash. Due to the fact that each day you complete counts toward a multiplier, try to accomplish the Daily Objectives in order. In order to optimize your earnings, it is advisable that you consistently search for jobs that are part of the weekly double RP and Cash promotion. When feasible, take advantage of these weekly promotions since they can lead to employment that pays out +50% or even quadruple.

Stock Up On Snacks And Armor

In Grand Theft Auto Online, snacks are going to be your main source of healing supplies, so stock up on them in convenience stores before embarking on a quest. Shops are marked on your map as tiny white dots, which makes them easy to find. In order to bypass the eating animation entirely, you should choose the snack item from your weapon wheel while leaning against a wall if you are in the thick of combat and in dire need of healing.

Furthermore, keep the armor on hand at all times. Bulletproof vests are available at Ammu-Nation retailers. In Grand Theft Auto Online, body armor and snacks should assist in reducing the amount of time you squander.

The Best Place To Crash For Newbies

Early on in the game, selecting a safe house is essential since it will affect how effective your center of operations is in terms of available tasks and missions. The Del Perro Heights Apartment, which is situated west of Los Santos, is among the greatest places to purchase if you’re just starting out.

Why is this specific hovel? First of all, at $200,000, it’s comparatively inexpensive, and you can even host original game heists! Second, you will have access to a multi-car garage at Del Perro Heights. Given the significance of garages and safe homes in Grand Theft Auto Online, Del Perro Heights is unquestionably the finest value and provides both in abundance.

Be Wary Of Teaming Up With Strangers

For some chuckles, it could be entertaining to team up with random people, but you have to be ready to tackle OG Heist tasks. Your ability to successfully coordinate with a crew that you already know will be crucial for finishing OG Heist missions. Try to advance in the game if you’re new to it before taking on these profitable heist tasks. To get ideas on what to do, look through forums and learn how experienced Grand Theft Auto Online players plan.

When trying an OG Heist, you should avoid playing with random players because, well, some players in Grand Theft Auto Online are jerks who will deliberately ruin your run and waste time for you and the rest of your team.

Learn How To Deal With Trolls, Grifters, And Hackers

This is especially true in Grand Theft Auto Online, where chaos is both common and frequently welcomed. So, in Grand Theft Auto Online, how do you handle these grifters? You can access the Player menu through the Online Tab if you find yourself being attacked by other players for no apparent reason, which is interfering with your gameplay. Locate the player’s internet handle, then click “Kick.” This will initiate a vote session, in which other players may participate if they believe that a particular person is engaging in trolling. Selecting “Find a New Session,” which is also available under the Online Tab, is an additional option. To prevent that player—as well as everyone else—from communicating with you, you can also engage in Passive Mode.

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