Gran Turismo 7 Mastery: Menus, Strategies for Ultimate Racing

Gran Turismo 7
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The latest in the storied racing game series, Gran Turismo 7, has a vast world. It’s filled with over 420 vehicles, about 100 tracks, and over 50 hours of gameplay. The legendary franchise returns to its single-player beginnings, and it will take over 50 hours to complete. How even do you start? With this Gran Turismo 7 guide, we’ll point you in the right way so you can maximize the experience when the game opens.

Start with the Gran Turismo 7 Café Menu

Gran Turismo Café,” the game’s main progression system, is the biggest departure from the Gran Turismo 7 formula. Here, you’ll be limited by the options and tasked with anything from racing to building your car collection. Japanese tiny automobiles, for instance The only way to access and utilize every element in the game—including multiplayer, track unlocking, and tuning—is to finish all of the menus. During the initial hours of the game, this needs to be your main priority. Returning to Luca in the Café will allow you to progress until you’ve unlocked every option in the game.

Get Your Licenses

As your Gran Turismo 7 career progresses, you’ll need the appropriate licenses to compete in single-player championships. Make sure you get both the national A and national B licenses as soon as you can in order to be ready for those occasions. If you’d like, you can finish all five licensing categories before proceeding to the Gran Turismo Café. After completing a license category, you will be awarded a new car; additionally, if you receive a gold trophy on each of the ten tests in that category, you will be awarded a second vehicle. Throughout your career, these extra vehicles will be useful, and they might even save you from losing any in-game credits.

Don’t Get Hung Up on Getting “All Golds”

Nothing less than a bronze medal will suffice to pass the required examinations and get a license for Gran Turismo 7. Newcomers to the racing game genre should have no trouble obtaining these bronze medals, and seasoned veterans should have no trouble meeting the bronze standards—possibly with the exception of S-10. By obtaining “all golds” on your license, you can get an extra reward car, but the harder those conditions are as you progress up the ranks. You can always go back to these licenses to grind for gold; for now, just concentrate on finishing them.

Use the Demonstration Videos

Gran Turismo 7 provides a user-friendly example video for each license exam. The AI driver then typically easily meets the gold requirement. Watch the demo video if you need a little extra assistance or are having trouble grinding gold. You can use this as a ghost to follow or pursue the AI in real-time while testing. (Usually, when you’re feeling good, a ghost appears.) To accomplish this, choose the car from the demonstration under “Ghost settings” after selecting the “Settings” menu item in the licensing test submenu.

Don’t Buy Cars Early On

Credits are needed to buy new cars from the extensive inventory of 420 vehicles. Credits are hard to come by in the early game, especially for Gr. 3 and Vision GT cars, which can have a credit worth up to a million dollars. To save money, make sure you have any qualifying cars from your garage before you go out to buy a new car for a certain occasion. If you are filling out the menus, you should always have an appropriate car available. The majority of prize cars, which are obtained through license exams and menus, can be used frequently to save money.

Performance Points Tuning

In Gran Turismo 7, “PP requirements” will apply to numerous career mode races. The vehicle’s performance points are precisely what are known as performance points, or PPs. This value can be altered by tuning and setup changes made to the vehicle.

For example, you have to enter the European Championship, a later event, with a car that has 600pp or more. Go to your garage and then the tuning department to enhance the PP value and enter such races. Make an effort to modernize your car while considering equilibrium. Your automobile won’t handle turns as well if you focus too much on power. Overfocusing on grip will cause you to lag behind on the straights. Boosting your car’s PP may also make it more helpful for several occasions!

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Use Wings

Though the majority of tuning parts are located in the tuning shop, there are still other ways to get your automobile faster. Along with features like bumpers and wings, GT Auto also offers more purely aesthetic choices like wheels and automobile liveries. In GT Auto, select the Vehicle Customization tab. There, you can also mount a rear wing or front bumper. After a wing is installed, you can adjust your car’s setup to generate more or less downforce. This comes in particularly handy in rain races when you’re driving a car that is a little too eager to please, such as an American muscle car. With the increased downforce, these creatures should be simpler to manage.

Buy Rain Tires

Gran Turismo 7 has a dynamic weather simulation, so you may end up on a wet track very rapidly if the sky decides to open up during your race. However, tracks will eventually attempt to determine if the circuit has been cleared of rain. Invest in either intermediate or full-wet tires so you may be prepared for the shifting weather after the “Extreme” category has been unlocked in the tuning shop. If the preview image shows cloudy skies, it might not harm to bring along a set of rain tires. If you have to resume a race on a wet tire, it’s not guaranteed that the rain will come back in exactly the same shape.


Gran Turismo 7 mastery requires obtaining licenses quickly, employing cunning gameplay strategies, and strategically concentrating on Café Menus. Prioritize your progress in Café to unlock important features. Obtaining licenses ensures that you are qualified for competitions and awards. Financial prudence is crucial; steer clear of hurried car purchases and utilize prize cars sensibly. Utilize wings to enhance control and adjust for competitive races to maximize Performance Points. Lastly, think about getting rain tires to give you a complete plan for navigating Gran Turismo 7’s most difficult weather scenarios.

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