Forza Horizon 4: Tips & Tricks for Ultimate Racing

Forza Horizon 4
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Forza Horizon 4 is unquestionably a fantastic experience that is best explored at your own pace. Forza Horizon 4 has many new features and changes, but there are also many things I wish I had understood before I began. The main focus of this tutorial is to give you helpful pointers and advice when you first begin playing this game. Even so, you may find some value in some of these recommendations. So be sure to read it all the way through!

Barn Finds

Following the proverb that states that a picture speaks a thousand words or more, here is an image that includes every Barn Find in the game. You’ll be rewarded for visiting these run-down sheds by the antique cars inside. Take note that you need to buy specific in-game properties to access certain barns.

Spin To Win

Racer, remember to use your free Wheelspins. Forza Horizon 4 gives you a free Wheelspin each time you level up, and each one spits out a different combination of credits, new cars, and cosmetic accessories for your driver—flashy hats are a big deal in this game. The problem with Horizon 4 is that it doesn’t always tell you when to use your Wheelspins, so if you’re not careful, you could end up with a lot of them. You might be losing out on millions of credits that you could spend on brand-new vehicles or real estate if you don’t utilize your spins frequently. Even if those spins might merely produce a chainmail skirt (yeah, apparently that’s a thing) or a new pair of knit trainers for your hipster racer, you might get lucky and uncover something like the incredibly quick Superlight R500. Never stop spinning.

House Hunting

There is just one suitable location, which is tucked away south of Derwent Reservoir at the bottom of the map. You’ll need to invest in real estate to enable fast travel if you wish to reduce the arduous 10 km drives between events. Once purchased, you can travel to each one right away, but doing so will cost you a pitiful 10,000 credits each time. When you initially start, you’ll have to settle for more modest homes because the latter costs an absurd 15 million credits. You can at least always fast-travel to the Uffington White Horse region because you will be rewarded with the Gables estate quickly after finishing one of the game’s early stunt driving tasks. It costs 500,000 credits, which you should have accrued after playing the game for a few hours.

Gas In The Rank

Ratings aren’t as significant as you might assume when it comes to racing the AI in single-player events, even though having an S1 rank dream machine like the BMW M4 GTS is helpful for PvP races. Don’t be scared off by its poor 3.2-speed rating or the fact that it can’t go faster than 37 mph in steeper terrain. This implies that if you enter the race in an arthritic Isetta, you will compete against other Isettas and vehicles that have similarly poor stats. You can use D-rank motors with great success in several races because of this approach.

Perk Up

These days, skill benefits are unique to each car you own. In contrast to Horizon 3, these benefits are now only available for the cars you own; you have to buy them separately for each one. If you frequently find yourself using a tiny clutch of cars, be sure to spend whatever bonus points you have on these essential vehicles. While the benefits of each vehicle vary, most of them are related to improving your car’s drift scores, earning you more influence points when you drive that particular car, or even awarding you with a free Wheelspin if you spend enough perks on it. You’ll be wasting a simple opportunity to increase trick, influence, and drift points—all of which contribute to additional credits—if you don’t utilize your perks.

Quit Outta Luck

Even on harder settings, Horizon 4 uses some extremely minor rubber banding to give you a shot in racing. Even though the AI will frequently abandon you early on in the Forza Horizon 4, try not to give up. If you adhere to your racing lines and don’t make any major mistakes when cornering (remember, it’s okay to use the Rewind button), you should be able to catch up to the top three competitors by the last lap. You’ll be surprised at how frequently you can close leads that initially looked unbreakable if you drive defensively and stay in the middle of the pack. Normally, rubber banding is cause for celebration, but in this instance, it at least keeps you competitive until the very end.

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