Fortnite Battle Royale Beginner’s Guide To Win The Game

Fortnite Battle Royale
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With the addition of building features, Fortnite Battle Royale expands on the battle royale premise, which involves unleashing 100 players onto an island until only one person or team remains standing. We’ll teach you all you need to know in this guide to help you succeed, such as where to start, how to plan your character’s development, how to gather resources and build survival structures, and how to gain treasure.

Know Where to Drop

In contrast to other games of a similar nature, Fortnite excels at distributing quality loot throughout the area. Though more crowded places will still have a greater variety of stuff, there are treasure chests atop certain hills that you can open to obtain valuable boxes that hold numerous gifts.

The vibrant artwork in Fortnite Battle Royale makes it simple to determine which areas will be hotspots, therefore everything on the map with a proper name should be avoided. For instance, you could find a lot of stuff more quickly if you dropped in Tomato Town, but you might also run against more rivals who are doing the same thing.

Locate secluded hilltops to land on by magnifying the map. In order to defend yourself in the opening minutes of every game, most of them will give you a decent starter kit.

Plan Your Progression Early

You can’t always acquire what you want because loot is randomized. You can, however, keep what you require over time. Consider the endgame early on. You will eventually engage in combat with other players who have access to advanced weapons, shield potions, health packs, and an abundance of building materials (more on that in a bit). If you wish to survive once the herd is reduced, you’ll require a mix of these things. Recall that the goal of this battle royale game is survival rather than kills, so going out and getting plenty of kills isn’t necessary to win.

Checking to see if any treasure chests have been opened or if some goods have already been robbed (which indicates that they’ve left the scraps) is a wonderful technique to achieve this. As players try to get toward the center, locales that are closer to the dwindling purple ring will probably see fewer players. It’s also a good idea to familiarize yourself with all of the weapon kinds, of which there are many. You’re going to have a rough time trying to hold down the trigger like it’s a fully automatic weapon if something you just picked up that you haven’t seen before and it fires in bursts.

By the time the game reaches its closing stages, you’ll be able to repel most of your enemies and have the perfect loadout if you have a long-range weapon like a scoped assault rifle or sniper rifle, a shotgun, a rocket launcher, and at least one medkit. Again, the majority of stuff will be obtained via opening treasure chests or going inside buildings, so you will eventually need to go there during your gameplay.

Gather Resources

The extensive building feature of Fortnite Battle Royale distinguishes it from its rivals. Based on the original Save the World mode, you can construct simple or intricate defenses by using materials like wood, brick, and metal to make walls, floors, ceilings, roofs, and staircases. You must become proficient in the building if you hope to ever regularly see the top 10 endgames. Wood is the most plentiful resource, and it may be mined with the standard harvesting tool that is equipped with every player. The relevant resource will instantly show up in your inventory when you use a melee attack against a wood-based object.

You’ll find a lot of wood in Fortnite because it’s so frequently found strewn across the game in little shacks, wooden buildings, outposts, and many trees. The easiest trees to mine are the largest ones because they yield great benefits with little work. On the other hand, large structures like hangars can yield enormous profits for more expensive materials like brick and metal.

Since most players don’t have access to long-range weapons, you can traverse the map freely, therefore gathering early in the game is essential.

Survival Through Wall Building

Building requires resources, and the more withstandably you can build anything, the more abuse it can withstand. It requires ten resources to construct each piece, which includes the walls, floors, ceilings, roofs, and staircases.

The first construction you should practice building on the spur of the moment is a wall. It is essential that you always have the ability to swiftly push the wall button (F1 on PC) and take cover, whether you’re in a building or outside. You should always have ten or more resources on hand in case you need to quickly build a wall for this reason alone.

As soon as you hear gunfire, begin reflexively thinking about constructing. Until you can quickly construct skyscrapers like your favorite pro streamer, it will take some time. For now, though, honing your wall-building skills will help you advance through each match.

You can alter a wall to make a window or a door if you need to close yourself in quickly. A hole can be made by editing a single piece, and a door can be made by editing two parts that are next to each other.

Build to Reach New Heights and Loot

Building a staircase could be all you want to do at times in order to reach higher altitudes and treasure. Get used to using the building as an instrument of attack rather than just a place to dig bunkers and take cover.

One of the key components of looting is traversal. Somewhere nearby, you’ve discovered a chest if you hear a faint noise that resembles sparkling stars. To determine whether you’re approaching your loot reward, you can utilize the sound effect to gauge your temperature.

To access loot, you will typically need to build up or down. The designers of Fortnite Battle Royale usually change up the locations of riches in difficult-to-reach areas.

Practical building is frequently used to construct staircases that lead to mountaintops or simply reach a level of a structure where the steps are damaged. Once you have safely landed and surveyed a more expansive cityscape, consider venturing within to hone your building skills in close quarters to reach various altitudes.

Building Buildings

One of the more well-liked finishing tools in Fortnite Battle Royale, the shotgun, may be used to creep up on opponents from behind. One of the simplest methods to begin building the skeleton of a stronghold is to quickly divide bases with floor tiles and ascending staircases. Though most players avoid ceilings in favor of building large structures in high places like mountains, you might wish to add one to specific portions.

Remote mountaintops act as a kind of automated sentry, keeping you safe from sly players who might try to sneak into a ground-based base of operations. Whether it’s a sniper rifle aimed at your head or an approaching rocket that will destroy your walls, stay alert and watch out for any approaching fire. It might be deserted, and each rocket or premium bullet matters.

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