Final Fantasy XVI Mastery: Tactics for Victory and Adventure

Final Fantasy XVI
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An epic story of political intrigue, love, grief, and, of course, magic is told in Final Fantasy XVI. There are tons of activities to do in this captivating, multi-hour adventure, including hunting monsters, completing quests, and taking down formidable foes. The following advice is intended to help you make the most of the game‘s early hours.

Best Abilities To Unlock First

At first, Clive’s moveset is a little bit restricted throughout the Final Fantasy XVI. He has only utilized one Eikonic assault and not even many unlocked basic skills. The table below contains some of the most crucial and beneficial talents that you should endeavor to learn as soon as you can.

Dodge Tips

The simple dodge will be your main tool for avoiding damage for the majority of the game. This provides Clive with some vital invincibility frames in addition to a brief burst of movement.

Furthermore, you will execute a Precision Dodge that can be chained into a Precision Counter if you successfully evade an attack at the last second. These are excellent sources of dependable, steady harm.

You’ll quickly realize that Clive’s dodge makes the invincibility frames incredibly forgiving. This means that dodging directly into assaults is one of the best ways to obtain Precision Dodges regularly. This is particularly important when dealing with adversaries that use horizontal attacks like lasers and sweeping weapon swings.

Avoiding these attacks completely by dodging them also allows Clive to quickly deal some free, enhanced damage via a Precision Counter.

Parrying Tips

Wide-swiping assaults from your opponent might also present perfect chances for a timed parry. For those who are unaware, you have executed a parry if you have ever slowed down time during fighting. If your basic attack lands directly in front of an opponent’s melee blow, it will parry it. Since the opponent will slash shortly after they dash in, many charging attacks are also simple to parry, allowing you time to mentally get ready. If an opponent is a few meters away and takes a huge, slow swing at you, you can lunge in to land a parry and then follow up with a gigantic combo. Every time we noticed that the enemy’s strike was just a few frames away from connecting, we realized that it was easier to hold this attack and then unleash it.

Crafting Vs. Reinforcing

You will be able to access the blacksmith at the hideout very early on in the game. You can craft and reinforce new armor and weaponry here. The majority of the Final Fantasy XVI‘s armor and weaponry have three upgrade levels: base, +1, and +2. Two paths go to the strongest level, according to the blacksmith: 

+1 reinforcement for a piece of equipment at a base level, followed by +2 reinforcement.

creating an item of equipment that is +1 out of the box and then strengthening it to make it a +2.

The second option, which involves constructing a weapon with +1 power, saves a lot of time, but the cost of the raw materials is much higher.

A piece of equipment can be purchased in its base form from Charon, who is constantly present, once you’ve been able to Craft and Reinforce it at the blacksmith.

Ultimate Attacks

There are several skills to be unlocked for each Eikon throughout Final Fantasy XVI, but one will always stick out as being far more costly than the others. The strongest and most practical abilities in the Final Fantasy XVI, are the Eikons’ Ultimate Abilities, and their high cost is justified. They do, of course, have drawbacks, such as lengthy cooldowns and a high Ability Point cost, but they are still valuable. It’s a massive attack with a remarkably wide damage radius that will harm every enemy. It has been updated, making it much more harmful.

Important Side Quests

In actuality, the Final Fantasy XVI contains two distinct kinds of side missions. Regular side missions are indicated by a green icon with an exclamation point inside, and they usually include typical payouts. This emblem is used in most quests.

Other side missions, on the other hand, offer more substantial prizes in the shape of long-term enhancements to Clive, such as increased potion supply, new recipes at the blacksmith, or even the capacity to ride a Chocobo. The green mark that has a plus sign inside of it indicates these side missions.

As soon as you encounter these side missions, make sure to finish them since the prizes are quite beneficial.

How To Boost Your Damage Multiplier Quickly?

You receive a damage multiplier in addition to a few seconds of free damage against your opponent after stabbing them. Stagger is the key to increasing your damage multiplier. The amount of stagger damage an attack would have dealt the enemy if it hadn’t previously been staggered directly relates to how quickly your multiplier will increase. Thus, when utilized against a Staggered enemy, high-stagger skills like Scarlet Cyclone, Aerial Blast, and Gouge remain highly effective.

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