Cyberpunk 2077: How to Build the Perfect Character?

Cyberpunk 2077
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With Sony really removing Cyberpunk 2077 from the PSN store, the problem with the game just grows worse as time goes on. There are many reasons for that decision, but the main one is that Cyberpunk is merely incomplete. It has several problems, is unreliable, and is out of balance. However, one way to see it favorably is to remember that there are a ton of different ways to create an overpowering character because Cyberpunk is so incomplete. Here are some of the simplest and most effective techniques we have so far discovered.

Capitalize On One Of Many Money Exploits

Let’s start by talking about the easy-to-pull-off money schemes in Cyberpunk 2077. Even if “Eddies” and Eurodollars aren’t exactly uncommon, there are a few unique ways to totally wreck Night City’s economy:

  • The I Walk The Line tale quest exploit is one way.
  • The buyback method, which was uncovered during the Space Oddities side mission, is the second technique.
  • The third and last alternative is to create a variety of clothing items and weapons using the given components, which can be sold for a high number of Eddies.

Because V could become completely unstoppable with a sizable sum of money if they spent it all on Cyberware and legendary weapons.

Focus On Critical Damage

In Cyberpunk 2077, building for critical damage is relatively simple. There are a mind-boggling number of Perks and Mods that exponentially boost crit damage to impossibly high levels. That’s really how simple it is. However, keep in mind that mods other than armor mods appear to stack, thus there is no need to apply numerous Bully mods.

Try A Cold Blood Build

Given that its description is so similar to a “Sneaking” or “Stealth” characteristic in any other game, gamers did not expect the Cold Blood tree from the Cool characteristic. But the Cold Blood benefit is truly amazing when completely utilized. The “Cold and Calculating” Perk’s potential to proc a stack of Cold Blood on any critical strike makes this build another one that frequently depends on critical hits. In other words, it complements a crit build or a pistol build.

Invest In Arm Cyberware

One of the biggest letdowns in the newest game from CD Projekt is the Cyberware. Few of the Cyberware V accessories that are decorated accomplish anything more than slightly speed up bullets or increase stats by a percentage. The Arm Cyberware, though? The best by far, and this is why:

Projectile Launch System: infinite grenade launcher that targets enemies automatically

Gorilla Arms: Absurd Physical Damage, Helps Force Open Doors and Scales with Assault Rifle Perks

Mantis Blades: Excellent stealth weapons that scale with the Blades tree, as well as with the Target Analyzer Mod on Optic Cyberware, that shorten long execute animation

Monowire: Despite having the worst statistical performance, it is still possible to build a solid structure.

Any of them can be made easily overpowered by finding the right Ripperdoc and gaining access to the right skills.

Find A Source Of Burn Or Poison Damage

The Burn and Poison status effects, which result from Thermal and Chemical damage, are the strongest of all the elemental damage categories in Cyberpunk 2077. Players might as well ignore foes that are on fire since they would simply burn to death in a moment regardless due to thermal damage’s tendency to simply melt health bars. All of these skills, especially Neurotoxin and Hasten The Inevitable, are surprisingly potent.

Netrunner Wannabes Have It Easy

Choosing a Netrunner build can definitely be successful, and it actually makes the game more of a “look at the enemies to kill them” type of experience. In any case, the easiest method to reach this level is to concentrate all of your attribute points on the intelligence tree, gain any perks related to access points, and save up money for the legendary cyberdecks that Ripperdocs start selling when your Street Cred is in the middle to high range. Additionally, V may easily hyper-focus on raising this stat to 20 by LVL14 because Quickhacks and the benefits of the Intelligence Attribute are so potent on their own.

Find Iconic Weapons & Build Technical Skill

Cyberpunk’s equivalent of the Unique Weapons found in games like Fallout, Borderlands, or the Outer Worlds are iconic weapons. In any case, several of these iconic weapons are incredibly powerful, readily available, and able to be improved or built up to the next rarity with sufficient points in certain perks under the Technical Ability Attribute. There is a reason why most broken builds center around a particular iconic weapon.

Find A Good Pistol Or Sniper

Although there has been much discussion on the subject, some weapon types in the game are undoubtedly more powerful than others. For instance, Pistols and Snipers are so ridiculously powerful because of the amazing Perks associated with them in the Reflexes Attribute and the ability of Snipers to exploit the weak AI at long range. Build for either of them in order to create a powerful character as quickly as feasible.

Rely On Tech Weapons

Now, in addition to the various weapon kinds, there are also many weapon categories—three to be exact. Power, Smart, and Tech guns each have unique gimmicks. Smart weapons are useful too, but tech weapons are superior. When up against a Tech Weapon, anything that stands between V and the adversary is essentially paper—not just one wall, nor just two walls. Since it kind of destroys the game, we’re presuming this wasn’t meant.

Try This Tranquilizer Round Combination

Although it may appear violent, they just lose consciousness and never wake up, not just for a brief period of time. And every single human character in the game falls under this umbrella. This combination not only completely destroys any pretense of Cyberpunk difficulty, but it’s also quite entertaining to employ.


In other words, methods and approaches for creating a strong character in the game. Remember that the efficacy of specific tactics and builds may alter as the game develops and patches are issued. For the best results in building a powerful character in Cyberpunk 2077, players should adapt to the present condition of the game.

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