Mastering Battlefield 5: Top 10 Tips for Online Dominance

Battlefield 5
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You may win multiplayer matches against other players by using some Battlefield 5 guidance when you understand how to handle the large-scale, class-based multiplayer fights that take place against the backdrop of World War 2. We’re not playing modern combat here, so you’ll need to have the fundamentals down pat before you can become a formidable foe. These are the top ten most important Battlefield 5 tips to know before playing online. As a result, the less evident multiplayer additions are important to be aware of if you want to stay at the top of the game.

1. Spotting Now Requires Binoculars

When playing a prior Battlefield game, you could use a sniper scope to aim at adversaries and tag them by pushing a button. Everyone on your team would then be aware of their location and able to make plans appropriately. Spotting has been slightly reduced in Battlefield V. You must now use your binoculars to tag players instead of using your sniper sight to identify them. If you’re playing in a big group, make sure someone is using Scout to find the other team because only Scout players have binoculars. Another change to spotting is that tags vanish when an adversary blocks the line of sight.

2. Squad Up

Squadplay, a crucial component of Battlefield 5’s online gameplay, has received some much-needed improvement. This implies that even if you’re playing as a lone soldier, you should still join and stay in a squad because doing so offers many advantages. In Battlefield 5, players are encouraged to utilize the ability for squadmates to spawn in on each other by choosing the squad spectator mode after dying. Moreover, regardless of the class they are playing as, all members of a squad can now revive one another, and in Battlefield V, the Support class is more crucial than ever due to the lack of ammunition.

3. Build, Build, Build

One of Battlefield V’s most noteworthy new features is the Fortifications system, which enables players to build (or even destroy) walls at many chokeholds or capture points throughout all eight multiplayer maps that are playable at launch. Those who would rather play Battlefield 5 like a competitive game of Fortnite should choose this soldier from their group because the Support class can construct at twice the speed of any other. However, choose your times wisely because it’s not always worthwhile to build fortifications during, say, a Conquest game, when players are spread out more evenly over the map.

4. Take Advantage of Supply Stations

You are spawned with very little ammunition. You’ll quickly run out of ammunition if you take on a lot of engagements right away. Look for supply stations; even at the beginning of each life, they provide you with more ammunition than you can carry. They’re not limited to ammunition either. Instead, you must rely on a doctor to drop you a health pack or repair yourself at a supply station.

5. Remember to Crawl on Your Back

We’ve played first-person shooter games far too often, lying down to cover fire for some allies when we hear gunshots behind us. Now, when you turn 180 degrees while prone, you will essentially be on your back rather than spinning about on the floor. Maybe more games will take a lesson from this, considering how great it looks and how welcoming it is.

6. Specialise Your Guns and Vehicles

Not only can you customize each member of your team in Battlefield V, but every weapon and vehicle has its specialization tree. The in-game currency known as Battlefield Coins can be used to advance these branches. These will enable you to add special features and advantages to your chosen weapons and vehicles. A longer range scope and an additional damage perk can transform the Kar 98k into a lethal sniper rifle for Recon enthusiasts while upgrading the MG42 with a larger magazine and higher rate of fire will boost its efficacy as a suppressive Support weapon. It’s all up to you to decide, but remember to do so as soon as you’ve accumulated enough Battlefield Coins.

7. Make the Most of Being a Squad Leader

You’ve been given the position of squad commander. In online matches, Battlefield 5 allows the leader of any squad to summon special and important resources for their team by more smoothly integrating Battlefield 4’s Commander feature into the gameplay. When your four-person squad completes team-based tasks like taking out bombs or seizing objectives, they will receive resources. The squad leader can then use these to select Reinforcements from the in-game social wheel and summon them in. From this menu, leaders can send out a variety of useful reinforcements, such as supply drops loaded with ammunition or missile drones capable of destroying up to twenty enemy units at once.

8. Experiment with Combat Roles

Battlefield has always included classes, and with the addition of Combat Roles in Battlefield 5, the system gains more layers. In essence, these are subclasses that let players choose between different playstyles for the roles of Assault, Medic, Support, and Recon. Assault players, for instance, have a choice between the Light Infantry and Tank Buster Combat Roles. Therefore, if you believe that a particular soldier type would be more helpful in turning the tide for your team, feel free to immediately access the class customization menu and make the transition.

9. Don’t Forget To Heal

Battlefield 5 adds a new self-healing function to its basic gunplay to expedite multiplayer gameplay. There is one health pack available to each class in the game, which they can use whenever they like. When a player’s character is in danger of dying, the game will automatically remind them to heal themselves physically. Although in multiplayer, life bars can eventually refill on their own, you’ll need to keep a lot of these health packs on hand.

10. Keep An Eye Out For Daily Orders And Special Assignments

Players can choose up to four Daily Orders and Special Assignments at once on Battlefield V’s main screen. These are multiplayer chores that are repeated. Many of these activities are made to accommodate specific playstyles and ability levels. Even though they could be as easy as a Support providing ammunition to other squad members or a Recon striking targets in the head, doing them all will earn you extra experience points that you may use to level up your trucks, weapons, and companions. You’ll be able to access new multiplayer content faster as a result. This implies that as soon as new Daily Orders and Special Assignments appear in the game, you should make sure to take advantage of them.

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