Battlefield 2042 Tips And Tricks: A Beginner’s Guide

Battlefield 2042
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The most recent game in DICE’s sandbox-based first-person shooter series is Battlefield 14. Players engage in intense 128-player conflicts in expansive areas with dynamic weather hazards, all set in a world on the verge of collapse. The surroundings in this Battlefield 2042 game pose just as much of a hazard as the other squad.

It will take an in-depth understanding of this game’s mechanisms and a healthy dose of imagination to survive on a battlefield as unpredictable as 2042‘s. Using this guide will enable you to maximize your 2042 experience. We’ll go over the fundamentals of each mode, how specialists operate, and more complex subjects and techniques.

Choose the Best Specialist for Your Playstyle

Battlefield has ceased to provide lessons. You now select a Specialist to play as rather than the Medic, Assault, Engineer, or Recon. Although load-outs—named for the traditional classes—are still an option, the gameplay is substantially different from earlier games. Standard devices aren’t class-specific in Battlefield 2042. More crucially, in Battlefield 2042, anyone can bring their team members back to life. You don’t need to have any additional equipment or a specific device.

However, before spawning in, you should consider the talents and equipment that specialists have. Mackay, for example, may use his grappling hook to quickly scale structures and reach fresh observation locations. Since these are the cornerstones of all Specialists, make sure to select the one that most closely aligns with your playing style.

Embrace the Freedom

The old class structure has been replaced with Specialists, giving Battlefield 2042 far more freedom than its predecessors. Use a rocket launcher as your device when playing Falck to combine the best features of both worlds. You can play as Sundance and employ the wingsuit if you don’t like the parachute. In the Battlefield series, several specialist/gadget combinations open up inventive offensive possibilities that might not have been feasible in the past. Irish, for instance, has the unique ability to toss down deployable shields after returning from the Battlefield 4 campaign. This lets you swiftly lay down cover to evade enemy fire and blast open new entries into contested structures when combined with C4 explosives.

Battlefield 2042 offers a ton of combos to find, all of which obfuscate the distinctions between the elite classes from earlier games. The greatest way to triumph in Battlefield 2042, regardless of your opinion of the new Specialist system, is to embrace the mayhem it causes.

Adapt with Attachments

You may require attachments to make your gun snappier if you spawn on a contested objective in Conquest. When moving toward the next goal, though, those bonds might not be very helpful because your adversaries might be farther away. The ability to swap out attachments quickly is a crucial component of Battlefield 2042’s new system, which keeps pounding home the original formula. As you can see in our PBX-45 loadout, you are able to bring multiple grips, barrels, sights, and types of ammunition onto the battlefield when you spawn. You can alter attachments as needed, which makes it simpler than ever to adjust to new circumstances. Use an extended barrel and a greater zoom scope to make your gun more effective in long-range engagements if foes suddenly move farther away. Take a look at our list of the top weapons in Battlefield 2042.

Watch the Weather

When our Ed tested out Battlefield 2042‘s weather system in a preview before launch, he believed it to be revolutionary. Now that the entire game is out, we wholeheartedly concur. The dynamic weather system that was included in the most recent Battlefield game produces enormous tornadoes, strong storms, and impenetrable sandstorms, all of which have a significant effect on gameplay.

But you can make the most of these weather influences if you pay attention and concentrate. Use a sandstorm to your advantage to sneak inside an opposing objective and take control of a structure. It will render Snipers ineffective, protecting you from enemy fire while approaching, and once inside, you can annihilate the opposing squad. By changing your strategy in response to weather changes, you might surprise your adversaries and perhaps turn the odds in your favor.

Use Vehicles and Drones to Level Up Faster

There are many weapons to test in Battlefield 2042, and while the early unlocks are useful, some of the better weaponry isn’t accessible until you advance to a higher level. But in Battlefield 2042, leveling up can take some time. Fortunately, Battlefield 2042 offers a plethora of methods for accelerating level advancement. As usual, you should gain a ton of experience points by riding with buddies as you receive assists for any kills that someone in the truck makes. Just enter an objective and use your mounted turrets to enable your allies to destroy opponents. A specific Specialist can also help you gain a lot of experience points. An assist is when an ally takes out an enemy that your drone has marked. You can mark foes for your allies and gain absurd amounts of experience points by using the Drone on a busy goal. Additionally, you can take down enemy vehicles with the Drone’s EMP shot, which could result in some simple kills and additional experience points by taking down helicopters and aircraft.

Play the objective

Play to the goal, people. Playing the objective is the finest method to win in Battlefield 2042, and this is something that everyone should remember. You can’t achieve your goals of success by only seeking out and eliminating opponents. Along with giving your team a ton of experience points, capturing areas, demolishing enemy vehicles, marking opponents, and replenishing allies will help you keep moving forward. This is the secret to winning in Battlefield 2042, so concentrate on it above all else during each match. We believe that this is an important point that everyone should know before starting multiplayer in Battlefield 2042 as there isn’t yet an in-game voice chat system.

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