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Avowed Release Date
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It is a completely different plot from Pillars of Eternity but takes place in the same universe. While Avowed takes place amid a horrible plague that threatens to wipe out all of Eora, it may look familiar to players of Pillars of Eternity. In 2015, Obsidian released the fantasy game Avowed, which allows you to explore the world as a fresh arrival in the Living Lands, without requiring any prior knowledge of the universe. Anyway, in case you’re as eager about the role-playing game as we are, here is all the information we have on the Avowed release date, story, setting, gameplay, and other facts.

Avowed Release Date Estimate

Although a precise release date has not yet been announced, Obsidian Entertainment has confirmed that Avowed will be released in 2024. We anticipate that, in keeping with the studio’s past releases, the Avowed release date will come towards the first quarter of the year, possibly in January to April.

Avowed and The Outer Worlds 2, the latter of which is still in very early development and does not even have a release year yet, are projects that Obsidian Entertainment is known to be working on at the moment. It is more likely that Avowed will be released in the middle or late 2024, however, we could aspire for a March release date in line with Pillars of Eternity. In any case, we’re hoping for a 2023 The Game Awards announcement regarding when we can anticipate receiving Avowed.

There isn’t much information or video available on Avowed’s development. The Obsidian Entertainment YouTube account only has one gameplay trailer and one reveal trailer, which adds to the suspicion that the release date isn’t too close. Nevertheless, as we examine below, the two-and-a-half-minute gameplay teaser appears to feature some incredibly polished and detailed video of cutscenes, battle, and other content.

Avowed Plot And Setting

Avowed takes place in the same universe as Pillars of Eternity, in a region of Eora known as the Living Lands. This year’s Xbox Games Showcase revealed the most recent teaser, which reveals that our playable character is a formidable magic user dispatched to the Living Lands by an emperor to look into a terrible plague that is “corrupting” the local populace.

Unfortunately, the villagers instinctively fear and distrust you because you’re such a powerful mage. You’ll need to provide proof of your goals to convince them. Our playable heroine seems to possess magical fighting abilities that are entirely unmatched in the Living Lands; aside from spells, she can take down adversaries with a combination of common melee weapons and firearms.

“So now that you have all this power, what are you going to do with it?” The final scene of the teaser raises this topic, and given that the phrase “forge your destiny” keeps coming up between scenes, Avowed may have choice-based branching narratives.

Avowed Companions

Kai, Avowed’s first friend, was initially seen to us in the gameplay trailer for 2023. According to Xbox Wire, “Kai, a Coastal Aumaua who currently resides in the Living Lands, is one of the few kind faces there. His military training has given him an idealistic and pragmatic temperament that will come in handy as you move forward across this hazardous area.” It appears that there will be more than one friend helping us in the game, so we’ll be watching for any updates about the other ones.

Avowed RumoursĀ 

There are still certain details about admitted leaks and rumors that require confirmation. According to Sponger, the game would have an entirely open environment and be “much larger than Skyrim”. The game features a real-time weather system and is compatible with mods, according to the leaker.

Players will be able to negotiate with gods, face “very large” adversaries, and make allies while resisting the “incoming threat of tyranny” that frames the plot. The language is also anticipated to be dynamic, and according to the leaker, Obsidian plans to let players “kill everyone in the game.”

Avowed Story

As we have seen from the trailers above, we have been sent to Eora to investigate a plague that is sweeping among the living, the dead, and the creatures. We are Aedyr’s emissaries sent to save the island; we are not inhabitants of the Living Lands. The moment the emperor’s delegate arrives, we are ambushed by fearful peasants who appear to be taking out their frustration on us.

It appears that you will have to make choices when playing Avowed because both of the trailers pose a question to the player. Do you facilitate or obstruct? Do you play for the greater good or yourself? The story’s framework is predetermined, but how you choose to tell it appears to be up to you.

As further information about the Avowed release date and gameplay is available, we’ll make sure to keep an eye out for it. If you’re not sure if you want to fully commit when Avowed comes out, you can always check out some of the other story games we enjoy in the interim and see if it’s available on Game Pass.


In 2024, Obsidian Entertainment unfolds a captivating narrative with “Avowed,” immersing players in the Living Lands amidst a devastating plague threatening Eora. Distinct from “Pillars of Eternity,” the game promises a larger universe and a unique plot within the shared realm. While the exact Avowed release date remains unannounced, anticipation for an October or November launch in 2024 is high. Obsidian’s commitment to quality hints at a possible March release. The Living Lands backdrop revealed through a gameplay trailer, introduces a powerful mage protagonist navigating distrust and fear in the face of an epidemic. As the game’s details unfold, players eagerly await the opportunity to shape their destiny in this enchanting realm.

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