Ark 2 Release Date, Gameplay, Story: Know All Detail 

Ark 2 Release Date
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We’ve been eager to find out more about the next survival game with a dinosaur theme, Ark 2, ever since it was revealed at The Game Awards 2020. It’s evident from the two epic trailers as well as the further information provided by the Studio Wildcard production team that Ark 2 will have a distinct plot, improved gameplay elements, and—of course—a T-Rex. It remains to be seen if Ark 2 can make it onto our list of the greatest PC games, but Ark 1 has already established itself as one of the greatest survival games. Here is all we know about the Ark sequel, including the Ark 2 release date, platform, combat akin to Souls, and mod support.

Ark 2 Release Date Speculation

It is anticipated that the Ark 2 release date is 2024. In March 2023, game developer Studio Wildcard announced the announcement in a community post on the official Ark website. They explained that the decision to postpone the game was taken to give gamers the finest experience possible by researching and utilizing Unreal Engine 5. We haven’t heard anything official from the creators as of October 2023.

Many had been expecting the sequel to come out in 2023 since this was the date that was indicated during the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase of 2022.

Like the first game, the amended 2024 release date most likely alludes to the early access period we expect it to go through.

Ark 2 Trailers

The hero Santiago is portrayed by Vin Diesel in the two theatrical trailers that have been made available thus far. In the first teaser, huge, orc-like monsters attack Santiago’s little community, killing his daughter in the process. Though it seems like a terrible situation, Santiago is handling it quite skillfully. up until a T-Rex intervenes in the altercation. Santiago manages to grab his kid and escape to a nearby cave as the massive dinosaur eats both humans and orcs.

As Santiago’s daughter stated in the second teaser, “Every day is a fight to survive” on the planet Arat. Eventually, another T-Rex can be seen, along with a larger dinosaur and a dodo. However, Santiago and his daughter can subdue the T-Rex this time.

Ark 2 Gameplay

The fundamental experience is meant to closely resemble the original game, even if it expands upon its basis. While Ark 2 will remain a sandbox survival game at its core, the little gameplay we’ve seen so far suggests that most of the changes will improve and expand upon the features of the original game. For example, we know that “advanced character traversal mechanics,” like parkour, swinging, and mantling, will be included in the sequel. In light of this, it seems to be a considerably more advanced game than its predecessor.

Ark 2 Platforms And Mod Support

Ark 2 will initially only be compatible with Xbox Series X/S gaming consoles. The game will be available on PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass from launch day. Note that although there’s still a chance the game will arrive on PlayStation, the duration of the Xbox exclusivity period is unknown.

Furthermore, Studio Wildcard affirms that user-created, fully stackable modules that support will be incorporated into the game. This suggests that anything may be improved, added to, or reinvented for players on PCs and consoles alike. Similar to its predecessor, Ark 2 is likely to receive some DLC content in addition to mods.

Ark 2 Story

In addition to featuring the voice and face of the man who portrays Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy, Ark 2 is expected to have an entirely new epic plot and an intriguing extraterrestrial setting. The tale, which takes place on a new alien planet and is based on the events of Genesis: Part 2, the last DLC expansion for the original Ark Survival Evolved game, centers on a Vin Diesel-portrayed clone of Santiago.


The captivating teasers for the much anticipated Ark 2 show Studio Wildcard’s dedication to crafting a compelling narrative that should bring the survival game genre to new heights. Ark 2 release date is in 2024 after engine upgrades and stars Vin Diesel as Santiago is set to take place on an alien planet following the events of Genesis: Part 2. The dynamic gameplay enhances the sandbox survival experience by introducing complex traversal mechanics. After an undisclosed period of exclusivity, Ark 2, which was once only available on Xbox, may eventually be released on other platforms. Mod support and DLC are on the horizon for Ark 2, which looks to be a captivating game with immersive gameplay, an interesting story, and a vibrant community.

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