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Apex Legends
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A freemium first-person shooter with a squad-based gameplay style, Apex Legends has become a huge hit on consoles and PCs. The spiritual sequel is well on its way, though it’s not quite as huge as Fortnite. Additionally, there’s a good chance you’ll like Apex Legends if you ever played Fortnite and thought, “This is kind of cool, but the whole chopping down trees and building towers with the wood is a load of homoey.”

Best Weapons For Beginners In Apex Legends

You can carry two weapons at once during the matches, it allows you to combine guns for melee fights and medium-range. And you can boost your Weapon Mastery level to develop your skills and experience with each weapon. As guns are always a matter of taste, we highlighted the best weapons of each type:

ARR-301It feels like a laser after a few plays because of its excellent spray pattern and very easy recoil.
SMGVoltYes, because it is just as potent as marksman rifles, many players continue to use it even in the end game. Even sniper ammunition is used! However, you can’t use any scope on it larger than 2x, so before using it, consider it twice!
LMGL-StarWith it, you don’t even need to ADS! You’ll adore it when it has a high DPS up close.
Marksman30-30 RepeaterExcellent decision since it has charging capabilities, so you won’t need to take preventative measures on the mid-range.
SnipersLongbowWe advise choosing a longbow there because it has excellent damage and a temperature of fire suitable for sniper rifles.
ShotgunsPeacekeeper;EVA-8We recommend trying both and selecting your favorite since they are both excellent.
PistolsWingmanYes, because it is just as potent as marksman rifles, many players continue to use it even in the end game. Even sniper ammunition is used! However, you can’t use any scope on it larger than 2x, so before using it, consider twice!

Pros and seasoned players suggest utilizing the Volt and 30-30 Repeater combo because it balances well in close-quarters or intermediate combat.


The map of Apex Legends Kings Canyon appears smaller than other battle royale games. Kings Canyon has 17 designated points of interest in addition to a number of nameless locations on the map that are also home to weapons and other treasures. The Supply Ship, a white floating craft that travels the map and holds high-tier goodies, is identified. The blue circle represents the Hot Zone, which varies depending on the game and offers the possibility of finding fully equipped weapons in addition to high-tier loot.

Best Apex Legends Characters To Use

At the time of writing, Apex Legends offers nearly 25 different characters, and some of them are also known as Legends: Bloodhound, Gibraltar, Lifeline, Pathfinder, Wraith, Bangalore, and the two Legends that can be unlocked, Caustic and Mirage. To choose which character best fits their preferred style of play, players will need to try out each one as they each function as distinct classes with wildly varying skills.

Bloodhound – Bloodhound is an excellent choice for more cunning players, as she is an ideal character for those who enjoy tracking down their opponents before ambushing them.

Gibraltar – Gun Shield and Dome of Protection, two of Gibraltar’s protective features, come in handy when things get dicey.

Lifeline – Lifeline satisfies that need this time around. Every squad needs a healer. She can keep squad members engaged and revitalized with her D.O.C. Heal Drone.

Pathfinder – Pathfinder is perfect for reconnaissance since it has a grappling hook that allows it to scale cliffs and assess the surroundings. Additionally useful for rescuing colleagues from precarious situations is his Zipline Gun.

Wraith – One of the most difficult opponents to defeat is Wraith because of his ability to jump between realms. She can also create rifts for her teammates but use caution because other players may also be able to pass through them.

Bangalore – Bangalore is a tried-and-true soldier class that has several skills that players of first-person shooters would recognize. This character will be recognizable to anyone searching for some familiarity in Apex Legends.

Caustic – The whole point of this legend is to lure heroes into a trap and use poisonous gas to murder them. Caustic is also a useful defensive quality for people who want to distance themselves from their assailants.

Mirage – Mirage is meant to trick adversarial players as a jester of deception. If his holographic moves and cloaking powers are used correctly, they will confuse players to no end.

apex legend

Best Places To Land In Apex Legends

Choosing a drop point in Apex Legends when two other teammates are joining you might be difficult. Convincing others to drop where to get the most loot stands out as a smart move since breaking away from the group is usually a bad idea. Anyone looking to win should definitely check out a few locations, but another equally effective tactic is to find out where teams are faltering and steer out of trouble.

Common Loot Havens – Anyone looking to get the best gear for a game should visit Airbase, Bunker, or Pit before beginning. Particularly in Pit, players may open a number of boxes, but as they acquire all of those priceless items, they’ll be left entirely exposed.

Quieter Loot-Filled Locales – If players want to avoid a firefight, Cascades or Hydro Dam are a better option because the aforementioned locations are frequently infested with hostiles.

No Traffic Zones – This may upset rival supporters, but there are instances when winning just requires concealing until the very end. Players should get as far away from other players as they can when the locations that are usually populated with a lot of loot are all taken.

Apex Legends Tips And Tricks For Beginners

We’d like to present you to the professional gamers who have given us a lot of advice since the game’s release!

  • To cross inclining slopes, slide—which is substantially faster than running—while rushing;
  • Press and hold the jump button (space by default) to ascend the high hurdles;
  • Use caution when trying to revive your teammate. It’s quite possible to die while performing it, which won’t be of any assistance to you or your fallen comrade;
  • Avoid using finisher moves altogether. Simply use your gun to eliminate your downed opponent to prevent unstable states in yourself and to deny your adversaries the chance to easily kill you;
  • Get quick at looting. It’s among the game’s greatest benefits. Whoever plunders swiftly, leaps into battle

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