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Among Us
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A mix of puzzle, murder mystery, and survival gameplay may be found in the game Among Us. It shows a crew of up to ten individuals attempting to maintain a ship operating by doing simple chores. The conflict arises from the fact that there is at least one imposter who will not be doing any jobs and will instead be attempting to murder every passenger. While attempting to identify the imposter, crewmates must do their jobs.

How to Play Among Us as a Crewmate?

Choose between local or online to join a game. From here, you can select whether you want to look for a game with one, two, or three impostors, as well as if you want to start or join one. See Rules and Parameters: How to Create the Best Among Us Game for more information on all the parameters.

  • You won’t be able to tell if you are a crewmate or an impostor until the game starts.
  • Each player’s pace can be adjusted by the host, and you have the option of controlling your character just with the mouse or with both the keyboard and mouse. You make no other considerations but your own preferences.
  • On phones, the analog stick touchpad is utilized for navigation.
  • You have to go to the right room and click the object there or the “Use” button in the bottom right corner to finish a mission. From then on, every task is rather self-explanatory.
  • In the lower right corner, you have the option to click “Report” if you discover a dead body. This will set up a team meeting where you can express your suspicions, find out where you located the body, and find out if anyone else was slain. However, if you see a body, you are not required to report it.
  • Additionally, a button located in the center of the map can be used to convene an emergency meeting.
  • There is a vote after the discussions. Voting absenteeism is an option. No one will be removed if skipping receives the most votes or if there is a tie.
  • You have to finish every assignment in the game before the Impostor kills the crew in order to win.
  • After being dead, you can assist your team by carrying out chores as a ghost, but you are unable to speak.

How to Play Among Us as an Impostor?

Choose between local or online to join a game. From here, you can select whether you want to look for a game with one, two, or three impostors, as well as if you want to start or join one.

  • Choose the map to play on from the three available options.
  • Before the game begins, you won’t know if you are an impostor or a crewmate.
  • The host can change each person’s speed, and you can use either the keyboard and mouse or just the mouse to control your character. Your decision is solely based on personal taste.
  • The analog stick touchpad on phones is used for navigation.
  • The game will assign you phony jobs; act as though you can complete them to fit in.
  • Get near enough to a target to cause the “Kill” button in the lower right corner to illuminate in order to kill them.
  • The host can modify the cooldown timer that occurs in between kills.
  • You have two options: report the body on your own or flee to clear your name.
  • You should make an effort to dispel suspicions and continue to engage in talks.
  • You can cause malfunctions or lock down specific compartments to sabotage the ship.
  • Some mistakes, like shutting off the lights, make it more difficult for crewmates to finish tasks; other mistakes, like turning off the oxygen, might be fatal if they are not caught in time.
  • To move around the ship more quickly, you can use the vents, but if someone sees you, they will know you are not who you say you are.
  • You have to kill every member of the crew in order to win.

Among Us Maps

There are currently three maps available in Among Us, each providing a pleasant range of environments:

The Skeld: In our experience, the game’s initial map is also the most prevalent. It is made out of a miniature spaceship with multiple rooms connected by slender, lengthy halls. For novices, this map is a preferable option because it is simpler to understand.

Mira HQ: This map is a massive base high in the clouds, larger than The Skeld. The majority of the rooms in Mira Headquarters are either connected to the sides or located at the ends of a lengthy corridor that forms an inverse “Y” shape. The Reactor and Lab rooms are the furthest away, accessible only through a protracted decontamination tunnel that runs parallel to the main hallway. This is the single exception to the rule.

Polus: This expansive research facility is made up of multiple buildings encircling a grassy courtyard. Although there aren’t many halls here, the darker outer areas are excellent for ambushes. The remote research outpost with multiple buildings seen on this map is similar to the one in John Carpenter’s film “The Thing.” It wouldn’t surprise us at all if Among Us took inspiration from the well-known horror movie, to which Polus is a clear homage.

Playing Among Us for Free on PC

Among Us can be played on PC, Android, and iOS platforms. The latter two require payment, while the former two are free to play with [removed] commercials. On the other hand, Among Us is available for free on PC through BlueStacks, and you’ll have access to a variety of tools that will enhance your gaming experience.

To obtain Among Us for free on your computer, just follow these easy steps:

  • Visit our website to get the most recent BlueStacks version. The emulator will start immediately when you run the installer and wait for it to finish.
  • Once on BlueStacks, check for Among Us in the Game Center using the search box on the upper right corner of the screen.
  • To install the game, click on it from the search results to visit its Play Store page. Then, do the usual steps for installing any app on your phone to install it.
  • The game’s icon will appear on the BlueStacks home screen after installation. To open the game and begin playing, click on it.
  • In addition to letting you play Among Us for free on PC, BlueStacks boasts some fantastic features that aren’t available on the Steam edition.

First of all, you can use a controller to play the game because our emulator supports complete gamepad functionality. You may even use your gamepad to mimic mouse movement when performing click-intensive tasks.

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